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119: Bob Regnerus on Top Tips to Promote Your Brand on Facebook

We all know about the traditional marketing funnel. But how can you adapt it to social media ads? When using Facebook, too many people dive directly into the bottom of funnel advertising, says Facebook coach and video marketing expert Bob Regnerus. In this episode, the author of the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising shares his best advice for small businesses, increase engagement, and more.

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer talked to Bob Regnerus and did a deep dive into the world of Facebook advertising. Bob is the Co-Founder of FeedStories, a Facebook and video advertising agency. A Facebook expert, he has worked in the digital world since 1998. He is also the other of the Facebook advertising bible, the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising that was just released in its fourth edition.

Focus on Top of Funnel Advertising

You should always keep in mind that most people have never heard of your brand or haven’t heard of you in a long time. On Facebook, one of your main jobs is getting their attention. Unfortunately, too many people dive in and focus on the bottom of the funnel only, says Bob. In turn, they’re showing the wrong ads to people who have no clue what the brand does.

When advertising to an audience that doesn’t know you, Bob advises you to highlight a problem your product can solve for them. Indeed, in this situation, selling is not the end goal. Instead, you should focus on getting people’s attention. Fortunately, Facebook is great for top-of-funnel advertising and is still relatively cheap. 

What Can My Brand Do for You?

When e-commerce companies advertise on Facebook, they shouldn’t necessarily be trying to drive people to buy, says Bob. Instead, your content should focus on what your products do and what need they meet. Your Facebook ad campaign should signal to your audience that you understand their problems and can solve them.

You should promote articles and videos to showcase your expertise. While lots of e-commerce businesses don’t invest in content, having a blog could be extremely beneficial for companies who want to build a brand. Your content should focus on the brand’s story. That story comes down to the personal reason why you do what you do. A tip from Bob Regnerus: put the business owner on video. It makes the business and ads more personable.

3 Ways to Make Your Ads Stand Out 

Bob always focuses on 3 factors to make a Facebook ad stand out:

  1. Budget – That one is obvious. Money helps. But if you don’t have a huge budget, worry not! There are two other ways you can get a successful ad.
  2. Clickthrough RateIf your clickthrough rate is higher than one of your competitors, Facebook will show it more – and you’ll get a lot out of your money. As such, you should focus on the quality of your ad to make sure people click on it. 
  3. Conversion rateIf your website conversion rate is good, Facebook will also reward you with more ads, giving you an additional discount.

In short, Facebook rewards creativity. If you want to learn more about the complexities of Facebook advertisement, buy Bob’s book and listen to the podcast. This episode also tackles Facebook strategies for restaurants, small businesses, how to use Facebook stories, and more!

My mantra is the right content to the right audience at the right time” – Bob Regnerus

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Facebook advertising
  • Marketing
  • Video advertising
  • Small businesses 
  • Facebook stories 
  • Testimonials 

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