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40: Dennis Yu’s Secrets to Social Media Advertising

What can you do with a dollar a day? Tune in to hear about Dennis Yu’s strategy for successful social media advertising and why spending a dollar a day might be in your best interest. 

Lisa Buyer sits down with the CEO of Blitzmetrics, Dennis Yu. In this episode, Dennis shares his social advertising tips and tricks, such as the dollar a day strategy and one-minute video technique. Become a Facebook ad expert by tuning in and mastering Dennis’s advice. 

Facebook is the most sophisticated advertising platform on the planet, and you can use this to your advantage for driving engagement as well as for advertising. Dennis explains the power of Facebook and how you can target big companies with your posts. Want to know how to rule the Facebook world and master advertising? Tune in to find out more!

“You should never work on your own personal brand” – Dennis Yu

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Personal branding tips
  • Dollar a day
  • Boosting on Facebook
  • Tools and tips
  • Targeting
  • Advertising Facebook group vs Facebook page
  • Paid social advertising 
  • The powers of Facebook

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