Cathy Hackl live at NFT BZL
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160: Cathy Hackl Live From NFT BZL

Live From NFT BZL it’s Cathy Hackl. Godmother of the Metaverse.

Where is the metaverse? Today Cathy Hackl and Lisa Buyer are bridging public relations, web 3.0, NFTs, and the Metaverse in a conversation all brands need to have with themselves. If I had to sum up the future of PR and earned media it would be community, creativity, collaboration, and dare to be vulnerable.

In this episode, Cathy and Lisa  talk about

  • The first Metaverse agency of record- Cathy Hackl closed the deal – learn what that means
  • Creating a Metaverse strategy and what this looks like today!
  • The PR Metaverse – what brands and PR pros need to know and grow
  • Decentralization and what that means as why it’s important
  • Women and NFTs, the opportunities, and why now is the time
  • Steps to take now even if you know nothing
  • How purchasing an NFT is just the beginning – what does Cath Hackl think?

Titles of the today and future

Cathy hackl and the Metaverse at NFT BZL

Cool places to hang out and learn

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Twitter Spaces
  • Clubhouse

Not so cool places

Terms and Words to Think about in the Metaverse 

Dynamic interactive experiences
Chain of ownership
Ai as an art
Vibes and trends

As mentioned in this interview

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