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130: Former Facebook Employee, Adam Risbridger, Reveals How to Beat the Ads Algorithm

It’s no secret that Facebook ads are one of the best ways to promote a business. But with an ever-changing algorithm, it’s easy to feel lost. So what should your strategy be? What are some secret tips that will help you get a better conversion rate? We’re covering it all in this interview with Facebook ads master and former Facebook employee, Adam Risbridger. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer dives into the world of Facebook ads with Adam Risbridger. A former Facebook employee, Adam knows all there is to know about making ads stand out on the social network.

Shorter, faster, smarter

When it comes to Facebook ads, Adam Risbridger says there are three main things businesses and PR pros should focus on.

#1. Shorter

With so many people promoting their product on Facebook, you need to make your message shorter and simpler. Simplify your message and make sure the call the action is included in the first few seconds of any video you post. People’s attention spans are so short that most of them never watch more than a few seconds of a video.

#2. Faster

Your website needs to be optimized and fast. If you have a slow website, your page bounce backs will increase and your conversion rate will be lower. This information is then going back to the Facebook algorithm and will penalize you.

#3. Smarter

All brands promoting on Facebook need to have Facebook Pixel. The tool classifies every user and automatically optimizes campaigns for you, based on their data. Without the tool, your campaigns will be much less effective.

Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Ads from Adam Risbridger

✅ DO use loop animations

If your product is complex, using loop animations or carousel ads is a great way to simplify your messaging.

❌ DON’T be too caught up in the funnel model

Have realistic expectations and mostly focus on converting new users and retargeting constantly

✅ DO respond very fast on your Facebook page

Facebook wants to know you’re human, and the faster you answer customers, the more it’ll reward you with ad reach.

❌ DON’T create a different website for mobile

Your website should work perfectly on both mobile and desktop. Using a second website will divide your conversions by two and you’ll get less out of your Facebook ads.

What’s Next?

If you know a few things about Facebook ads, you’ll know that an upcoming Apple update is shaking the online ad world. But what is happening, exactly? Currently, Facebook uses a sort of Pixel for mobile. But Apple is soon going to get rid of that and come up with its own. Unfortunately, that will make it so much easier to match Apple users to Facebook users. But professionals are hopeful that the system will better quickly after its launch.

Want to know more about Facebook ads? Make sure to listen to this episode and get in touch with Adam.

People have no patience, so tweak your creative based on that.” – Adam Risbridger

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

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  • Facebook pixel
  • Video ads
  • Website optimization

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