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Pascale Dube Tells Parents of Teens: Trust is Most Important Currency

Little did Pascale Dube know that a destructive experience from childhood would lead her to become a masterful resource in parent-teen communication.

Unwavering parents. Her sister’s brain tumor diagnosis. A narcissistic boss. This triple threat of hardships, and a culmination of learned lessons, compelled Communications Specialist Pascale Dube to shift her career path. Instead of hosting corporate training programs and executive “therapy,” she now coaches communication skills to parents with teenagers. 

Parent Lead Coaching helps parents invest in the depth of communication. By targeting one of the hardest jobs in the world and an untapped niche market, Pascale coaches parents to become the leaders their teenagers desperately need.

Parenting is a never-ending job. It’s full of opportunity and learning experiences, regardless of whether your kids are transitioning into teenhood or married with babies.

In this episode of Lisa Buyer’s Digital Detox Secrets podcast, parents will learn Pascale Dube’s 5 Pillars of Good Communication, the most important currency between you and your teen, and the best ways to protect them from social media’s toxic traits. 

Parent Coach: Thriving in the Face of Conflict is Pascale Dube’s Speciality

At just ten years old, Pascale landed her very first client as a Communications Specialist: her family of five. She initially acted as a buffer for her parents, who always struggled to find common ground. Her services later excelled when her older sister, who was only 16 at the time, was diagnosed with brain cancer. 

Unlike her 14-year-old sister, who suffered amid chaos, Pascale thrived when faced with conflict. And once she realized her passion for smoothing things over, she officially assumed the role of a family mediator.

After spending more than two decades dissecting and improving how business people communicate and understand each other, Pascale ditched the corporate approach and developed a more personal method to coaching and leadership: serving families.

All Bonds are Built on Trust 

“Trust is the Most Important Currency Between You and Your Teenager.” -Pascale Dube

Trust is at the core of every relationship. It’s valued between intimate partners, in businesses, and within families. And when trust is broken, it’s a million times harder to rebuild that foundation than it was to establish it in the first place. 

Teenagers tend to rebel, slink around the truth, and sneak around, so the trust between you and your child likely is, to some degree, under fire. As a parent, putting faith in the choices your kid makes is brutal. But it’s important to remember that your children tend to mirror your behavior and actions. Seeing how you handle conflict and your emotions as well as whether you take responsibility for your mistakes will help them to understand how to properly navigate life and communicate with others.

So how do you make trust a priority in effectively communicating with your teen? Pascale’s 5 Pillars of Good Communication show you how to establish, maintain, and rebuild the bond between you and your child!

The 5 Pillars of Good Communication

Pascale says that human interaction is not rocket science, but the reason so many people have trouble communicating is they focus too much on themselves and not enough on others. No more struggling to understand your teenager. It’s time to approach your issues head-on with these 5 pillars:

  1. Control Your Controllables: Managing your emotional state will allow you to be present in the conversation and strengthen the foundation from which you are drawing. 
  2. Listen and Observe: Hold your tongue and pick your battles. Your lack of presence in a discussion shines through when you constantly search for comebacks. Your goal is not to be right, but to fully absorb the information being provided.
  3. Build More Empathy: Make a mental note that as a parent your reality is not of greater importance than your child’s. Both of your realities and perspectives should be regarded and acknowledged to the same degree. Try to relate to what they’re going through and never dismiss their experiences.
  4. Coherence and Consistency: Your words and actions must align, as consistency is the most important way to rebuild trust. Ask yourself what’s more important: Your pride or your relationship? Now, let go of any strife, and be open to admitting when you have made a mistake. Your children tend to mirror your behavior and actions. Seeing how you take responsibility helps them understand that everyone makes mistakes and the best cure is by acknowledging and learning. 
  5. Vulnerability is the essence of connection: If you put up a front all the time, your teenager will put one up too. And it’s hard to knock it down once each brick has hardened.

Disconnect to Connect

For personal and company brands, social media is a handy tool. It markets yourself, products, and services while reaching your target audience and keeping up with the latest trends. Unfortunately, social sites like Facebook and Instagram can be dangerous territories for adolescents and even young adults. 

With a constant flow of information, a never-ending feed of unrealistic beauty standards, and an explore page filled with mind-numbing and addictive reels, as a parent, you must put in the effort to cut through and reach your child amid the volume-high noise level.

3 Tips on Managing Toxic Social Media Traits

Here’s how to keep your kid’s and even your head above water in this constantly-growing digital world.

  1. Social Media is Not Reality: Sit down and talk to them about the realities of social media. More likely than not, neither of you knows the influencers and everyday accounts you’re following, just as you don’t know what happened after they took a seemingly perfect photo. There’s a trend on TikTok where users reveal the truth behind their most-liked photos. This revealed that most of the time, there is pain and suffering behind that extravagant vacation and vibrant smile.
  2. Do Not Dwell on Social Media and Forget to Live: Help your teenager understand that when you let people, who are far removed from your life, influence your personality, the things you do, and your emotions, you will slowly but surely lose yourself altogether. And it can be difficult to find your way back to your true authentic self
  3. Separate Yourself From Likes and Followers: Your worth is not determined by who taps twice on your photo and the number of emoji comments. In reality, the people who spend most of their time online are searching for outside validation which is a tumultuous path to follow. When you separate yourself from superficial popularity, you’re one step closer to releasing any surrounding negativity and self-doubt.

How To Communicate with Your Teenager for Entrepreneurs: Pascale’s December Summit

The depth of connection is an investment. For working mothers and fathers, it can be tough to carve out quality time with your child. But you have to remember that every day, week, and month that goes by spent angry with or disconnected from your teenager is time you can’t get back. 

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Want to explore more solutions for the challenges you are facing with your teenager? Book a free strategy session with Pascale now and listen to the latest episode of the Social PR Secrets podcast: Pascale Dube’s Communication Secrets to Coach Parents with Teens

Some topics in this episode include:

  • Pascale’s Journey to Communications Coaching 
  • Growing Up at an Early Age
  • Working For a Narcissist
  • Shifting From Corporate Coaching to Family Coaching
  • How to Establish, Maintain, and Rebuild a Trusting Bond
  • The 5 Pillars Of Communication
  • Social Media’s Overload of Information
  • The Realities of Social Media
  • The Importance of Active Listening
  • It’s Okay For Parents to Make Mistakes
  • Disconnect to Reconnect
  • Timing is Key in the PR World and With Your Teenager
  • Being an Entrepreneur and a Parent: December Summit
  • Communications Coaching Services
  • Pascale’s Event Services

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