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153: Pascale Dube’s Communication Secrets to Coach Parents with Teens

Little did Pascale Dube’s know destructive experience from childhood would lead her to an enlightened awakening, tapping into her superpowers.

Unwavering parents. Her sister’s diagnosis. A narcissistic boss. This triple threat of hardships, and a culmination of learned lessons, compelled Communications Specialist Pascale Dube to shift her business model and career. Instead of hosting corporate training programs and executive “therapy,” she now coaches communication skills to parents with teenagers. 

Parent Lead Coaching helps parents invest in the depth of communication. By targeting one of the hardest jobs in the world and an untapped niche market, Pascale coaches parents to become the leaders their teenagers desperately need.

Parenting is a never-ending job. It’s full of opportunity and learning experiences, regardless of whether your kids are transitioning into teenhood or married with their own babies.

In this episode of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets podcast, Founder of Parent Lead Coaching, Pascale Dube, shares the story behind her inspiring career change, how she reached her audience through JVology, and what she can do for you as a Communications Coach.

Parent Coach: Thriving in the Face of Conflict is Pascale Dube’s Speciality

At just ten years old, Pascale landed her very first client as a Communications Specialist: her family of five. She initially acted as a buffer for her parents, who always struggled to find common ground. Her services later excelled when her older sister, who was only 16 at the time, was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Unlike her 14-year-old sister, who suffered amid chaos, Pascale thrived when faced with conflict. And once she realized her passion for smoothing things over, she officially assumed the role of a family mediator.

After spending more than two decades dissecting and improving how people communicate and understand each other, Pascale ditched the corporate approach and developed a more personal method to coaching and leadership: serving families.

Pascale’s Social PR Secret: Joint Ventures and JVology: A Network of Referrals and Marketing Tips

Host Lisa Buyer first connected with Pascale at JVology, a live event that delivers coaching, training, and consulting in various manners, including live events, group coaching, and one-on-one consulting. From start-up business owners to seasoned entrepreneurs, JV’s mission is to network and provide a helping hand when it comes to growing and marketing enterprises.

Pascale’s Takeaways from JVology:

  1. Creating a Facebook Page is a great way to target and communicate directly with your audience. 
  2. Host Facebook Lives puts a face and personality to your brand, provides information in real-time, and allows you to increase follower engagement and interaction.
  3. Co-Hosting Facebook Lives with Partners and Friends introduces new followers and audiences to the likes of your own.
  4. Designing a Free Online Course at a limited time offer gives people a taste of your full-fledged services and hooks them into opting in.
  5. Developing Supplementary Content like writing a book or another source of material rounds up new prospects and generates leads and website subscribers.

What To Expect from Pascale’s Parent Coaching

Pascale offers a resource that lets parents know that they are not alone and won’t be left to drown in their own devices and anxieties. She draws on decades of personal and professional experience, curing poor communication between parent and child from a fresh, outsider’s perspective.

As JVology helped her establish and market Parent Lead Coaching, Pascale pays it forward by helping to strengthen the bond between parent and child. 

Pascale Dube Provides:

  • A safe space – free of judgment – for you to share your hopes, dreams, and concerns.
  • A tailored approach based on experience, intuition, and science will empower you in your journey with your teenager.
  • A fun and creative way to get to know yourself better and decipher the many aspects of your relationship with your kid.
  • Friendly guidance through the many hurdles you face as a parent, human, and soul.
  • A support group, where you will be joined by many other parents who face the same challenges.
  • Tangible improvements in your individual quality of life, family dynamics, and general peace of mind.

What Does Pascale Expect from Parents

  • An open mind.
  • An open heart.
  • The will to become the best parent you can be for your teenager!

Have a Heart-to-Heart with Pascale Dube

Pascale is also a guest on the Digital Detox Secrets podcast scheduled to air on October 14, 2021. In this new episode, parents will learn the 5 Pillars of Good Communication, the most important currency between you and your teenager, and the best ways to protect them from social media’s toxic traits. 

Want to explore solutions for the challenges you are facing with your teenager? Book a free strategy session with Pascale now!

Don’t want to miss out on Pascale’s December Summit, which is dedicated to entrepreneurial parents! To be added to the list, simply send her an email stating your interest here.

Some topics in this episode include:

  • Pascale’s Journey to Communications Coaching 
  • Growing Up at an Early Age
  • Working For a Narcissist
  • Shifting From Corporate Coaching to Family Coaching
  • Being a Teenager in this Digital Age
  • Social Media Has Caused a Disconnect
  • Human History is a Pendulum
  • Targeting an Untapped Niche
  • How to Be Authentic on Social Media
  • Takeaways From JVology: A Community of Networking Professionals
  • Creating a Facebook Page
  • Hosting Facebook Lives  
  • Writing a Supplemental Book For Your Business
  • Communications Coaching Services
  • Pascale’s Event Services

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