Megan Nolan on yoga at my desk
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Megan Nolan on Yoga at My Desk

In front of the screen all day? Using the power of Facebook Groups, inspiring messages to her community and motivational offerings, Megan Nolan urges all to add this powerful action to the top of their mile-long checklist: MOVE! Applying warrior poses, breathing exercises and stretches into your daily work routine will not only improve your health but also elevate your business.

In Lisa Buyer’s newest episode of the Digital Detox Secrets Podcast, vitality coach and founder of Yoga at My Desk, Megan Nolan, shares how taking a yoga break in-between meetings will help you regain power over your body and career.

The Digital Detox Secret Ingredient to Helping You Thrive

The human body is not designed to be slouched over a keyboard for 40 hours a week. Think about your sit-to-stand ratio during a typical 9-to-5 workday. If you find yourself wincing just at the thought, then it’s time to prioritize wellness in the workplace.

With Yoga at My Desk, you will learn to calm that busy mind of yours, improve flexibility and strengthen your muscles. Implementing these workouts at 25- to 45- minutes intervals will lower your stress levels, minimize any body pain and spark creativity.

A Glimpse into Megan’s “Yoga at My Desk” Course

Lisa Buyer says that you are the entrepreneur of your own life. It is up to you whether to wake the warrior within and become the next-level version of yourself or not. With Megan’s meditative yoga practices, she makes it easy to take control and start moving. Launching this Fall is her 90-day Elevate experience; signup access is available now. But if you’re looking to start today, you can enjoy the Thrive in Five, an innovative series with 24/7 lifetime access to 5-minute workouts and yoga sessions that easily fit into your busy schedule!

Session #1 – Full Body Workout: Energize your whole body, strengthen your core and feel replenished with this full-body workout session.

Session #2 – Full Body Workout: Movement comes from all directions in this session, keeping you strong, fit and agile!

Session #3 – Sleeping Booty Wake Up: It may sound silly but sleeping booty is a modern-day reality that happens from too much sitting! Strengthen your glutes, legs and core with this booty-building session.

Session #4 – Energizing Yoga: This fun practice embodies confidence, power and balance through standing poses that help you feel centered and grounded.

Session #5 – Relaxing Yoga: Need a time out? This session is perfect to help you de-stress, unwinding any neck, shoulder and back tension!

Nurtured Mind + Nurtured Body = Successful Business

“(Yoga At My Desk) is a program that’s specifically customized for entrepreneurs using the tools of yoga, meditation and brain science to really become the version of you that your business needs you to be.” –Megan Nolan

Three slow, steady and substantial breaths. That’s all it takes to shift into a calm state, which then signals to your body that the day is done. Megan says that entrepreneurs must be mindful of the energy and presence that they give off, for these components impact every ounce of life, from personal relationships to company sales.

Behind a business’s profit, success and celebrity is a driven person who used that passion to build the empire. Oftentimes, CEOs lose sight of the initial purpose and voice that once connected their brand to its audience. Instead of speaking directly to the public through press releases, social media and campaigns, they place such invaluable decisions into the hands of others, like their marketing department. This, unfortunately, leads you away from a humanized brand. 

Megan shares body nourishment tips that will benefit your professional persona on a daily basis:

  1. Get those steps in: Drinking more water will not only replenish your bodily fluids but also force you to move away from the computer and walk to the bathroom.
  2. Pomodoro Technique: set a timer whenever you sit at your desk. When the alarm goes off, make yourself get up and move around.
  3. Take a break: Walk away from the computer screen for 5 minutes; this is when the creative juices start flowing!
  4. Spruce up that posture: A slouched position causes sleepy muscles. Wake them up by placing your feet firmly on the group and straightening out your spine.

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Yoga At My Desk
  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Healthy Mind & Body
  • Desk Job Tips
  • JVology
  • Thrive in Five
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Growing Facebook Groups

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