Tim power
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“How Tim Power Traded His Smartphone for a Flip Phone, Unplugged from Notifications” Show Notes

“I’m sorry, it’s just really hard to text on my flip phone”

Do you remember a time in business when smartphones did not exist? How did we survive? Tim Power not only lost his smartphone but instead of getting a new one he bought a flip phone.

Tim is a proud Bostonian who helps clients develop, implement, monitor and update wealth management strategies in pursuit of their financial goals. He helps new clients get the most from the SurePath team, and is always ready with a solid insurance recommendation.

When away from the office, you can find him at the beach, implementing a new homeschool lesson with his two kids, or putting his BFA to work on a canvas.

Some things we discuss include:

  • The reason he doesn’t have a smartphone.
  • Not having small things like Google Maps and Uber.
  • Financial detox secrets and getting a financial planner.
  • Time management and motivation rituals.

You can find more about Tim and contact him here.

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