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52: David Meerman Scott on Fandom and Marketing

What do you think the most powerful marketing force is? According to David Meerman Scott, it is fandom.  

Lisa Buyer sat down with bestselling author, speaker, entrepreneur, and advisor, David Meerman Scott. David talks about his new book, Fanocracy, which talks about how to turn fans into customers and customers into fans. This book idea began with his daughter’s love for Harry Potter and David’s love for the Grateful Dead. Diving into how fandom effects marketing, the book is especially important during today’s pandemic.   

David talks about how this particular crisis affects people and businesses. He explains that giving back to the universe, without expecting anything in return, is so valuable. It is not the time to exploit the market but to help people. Being a fan is more than just liking something, tune in to learn how your brain reacts when you are a fan.

Hear more about David’s new books, marketing tips and tricks during these times, using your skills to help others, and much more. 

“Even when you can’t meet people face to face, and many Businesses can’t do business at usual, there are still ways to grow fans  ” – David Meerman Scott

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Building fans
  • COVID-19 and businesses
  • Giving to the universe
  • Small businesses and leveraging public relations
  • Neuroscience on what happens when you become a fan of something
  • Public versus social space
  • Lemon example
  • Video and photo benefits during COVID-19
  • Trust and transparency

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