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16: Adam Singer on Insider Analytics and Data Advice for Social Media

How can social media managers make the most out of Google Analytics? Adam Singer can answer that!

To answer this crucial question, Lisa Buyer went to former Google Analytics Advocate and overall data guru, Adam Singer. After his seven years at Google, Adam went on to lead marketing teams at a number of firms. Adam is now the Chief Marketing Officer of a $1B equity fund.

From ROI solutions to strategizing your PR plan using data, this episode of Social PR Secrets covers everything you’ve always wanted to know about analytics. Lisa Buyer and Adam Singer delved into the specifics of reporting analytics data to clients, why you should get rid of vanity metrics, and much more! 

Want to get analytics tips from the king of data himself? Listen to this episode, and you might even get some word of wisdom on how to advance your career in marketing!

“To advance your career, develop a sandbox project. This will give you hands-on experience for virtually any project you will want to lead or create.” – Adam Singer

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Google Analytics
  • What is conversion?
  • Solving ROI with Attribution
  • Google entering the social media game
  • Measuring social media gains
  • Tools and tactics for social media management
  • Keeping up with social trends
  • The decline of vanity metrics

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