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37: Adam Singer’s Insights on Analytics

Why is it important for PR professionals to have access to all their clients’ online data? According to Adam Singer, without analytics, you can’t know what’s working, how to improve or report your success!

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, Lisa Buyer chats with social media marketing and data savant Adam Singer to get his advice on analytics. If you’re going to take analytics advice from anyone, Adam would be at the top of the list. Adam started using data in internet marketing in 2006 and began sharing the latest digital trends and strategies in his award-winning blog in 2008. He was Google’s Analytics Advocate for years and now works as the Chief Marketing Officer for Think3.

In this episode from the vault, Adam and Lisa talk about why you should always start with a measurement plan and how to make one, why it’s crucial to break down silos when analyzing data, and tips to be more mobile-friendly. Adam reveals how he negotiated data access when he was doing PR for companies. Listen to this episode to find out how you can too! 

“You won’t know how to improve what you’re doing in life, in business, in really anything, without getting the data, without getting that feedback.” – Adam Singer

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • His position as an Analytics Advocate at Google
  • Why tracking analytics is important
  • How to create a measurement plan and why you should
  • KPIs
  • What Google Analytics can do for you
  • Why you should have all your analytics in one analysis tool
  • How to negotiate access to data as a PR professional
  • Tips for appealing to mobile
  • Adam’s experience with social media marketing
  • His advice for future PR professionals

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