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156: That’s so Meta, Is the Metaverse the Next Big Thing?

Everything is so Meta! In case you missed it Facebook is now Meta, and that’s so meta.  

What does it mean to say meta? Meta is a prefix — a word put before another — that means after or beyond, to operate at a higher level, or change. 

Last night in Facebook Horizon World, I was hanging out, checking out the plaza, taking selfies, wondering who I could get to help me build my first world, and trying out the emoticons. It was kind of cool, surreal, and still very clunky and not perfect. But another $10 billion should do the trick.

META and Health?

Mark Zuckerberg is a hands-on dad. His wife Priscilla Chan told The Times of London that a part of his bedtime routine with his two daughters, aged 5 and 4, is coding. 

What will Mark and Priscilla think of FB and OG when their daughters are teenagers? What will the effects of the metaverse be on the brain?

Besides All the Meta Hype:

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Next up in my mind and to your ear!

My next course is Parents Survival Guide to Teens and Your Adults Post Pandemic – the struggle is real!

13 to 25-year-olds have been hit the hardest – parents need to be aware of what’s happening – suicide is the second-highest cause of death, and the numbers are rising – suicide ideation is a thing. We all need to open our eyes and hearts to making a change and reversing the digits. 

Something that is annoying me lately is what I am calling follow-up harassment – or customer service harassment. People are more sensitive, toxic and get triggered – they are on overload – we don’t need 5 reminders about a meeting, we don’t need so many text messages and if we don’t answer – it might mean we are just not having a good day, something hijacked us and we just don’t have the bandwidth to answer! Sales and marketing and customer service need to get this reminder – we are never going to pre-pandemic times – follow-up tactics, tone, frequency, and style need a makeover.

Excessive and aggressive follow-ups can be intrusive and distracting. They become a blur. I get them from B2B companies after I download an ebook, my dentist, hair salon, and potential collaborators, and even cold calls. 

Yes, we realize you are doing your job or trying to secure a time slot and not lose business.

I get it you want an answer but remember what’s happening on the other end – you never know – be sensitive, spread out the follow-up – people don’t respond for a reason. 

Lastly – Policies that Put Profits First 

Facebook is notorious for this  – so is meta. When Psychiatrists who treat teens have a 48-hour cancel policy – no refunds no reschedule start to question humanity – this is putting profits over patients. So these same doctors advocate for accommodation where teens get extra time on tests and excused absences for having a bad – but if the teen patient wakes up sick – there is no flexibility in rescheduling and doctors penalize the patients not to lose the nonbillable hour. The answer is Zoom calls. This allows sick patients to make the appointment – no excuses – sounds very rigid and maybe the psychiatrist needs the therapist – everyone needs to be a little more patient and less rigid and understand that we are living in different realities with unprecedented challenges.

Back to Mark Zuckerberg – check out his interview with Matthew Ball – I thought it was interesting how Mark seemed to fan over Matthew, endorsing his book yet Matthew seemed unphased and unimpressed by Mark’s Metaverse propaganda. In my opinion, Mark never gave a straight answer to anything. 

I’m off to Chicago this week to visit my family – message me if you are interested in my ModernPR Secrets course, Female Disruptors event or if you are a parent with teens or young adults!