lisa buyer's 21 things for 2021

21 Things for 2021 in a Digital World

If you ask Lisa Buyer, turning 21 never felt so good.

Do you feel like certain people in 2020 rinsed right through and took a piece of you? Same. Let them have it. They needed it more than you did. Now you have a new space for new opportunities. Here are 21 things for 2021 Lisa Buyer is doing, that you can too.

1. Mindset is a 2021 secret weapon. Join me on this app.

2021 mindset

2. Snapchat advertising — Ask me about it, experts on board.

snapchat advertising

3. Exploring Clubhouse — drop in audio app, feel better, not worse, and have meaningful conversations. Check it out Clubhouse — Check 1, 2, 3… Is this thing on? What I learned today: HOPE; Help One Person Each day — Chris Whinfield

lisa buyer learned hope

4. Go beyond New Year’s resolutions, look at Sankalpa — a practice that starts from the radical premise that you already are who you need to be to fulfill your life’s dharma (purpose) Read about it here.

simon cowell giving a thumbs up

5. Cathy Hackl’s Forbes Best Marketing Stories. Is Direct-To-Avatar The Next Direct-To-Consumer?

marketing with lisa buyer

6. Profit First — Business changing book for Entrepreneurs to transform your business. I started during the pandemic.

michael scott pointing

7. Crystal Knows — Like a mindreader and personality test for business connections. The perfect way to research before a prospect meeting or podcast interview.

crystal knows

8. Rate My Skype Room — Zoom and Skype backgrounds are now a public relations strategy. If you get reviewed — make sure it is a good one.

9. PR myths you can’t deny and I need you to know. My rants of the year.

lisa buyers article pr myths

10. Female Disruptors to follow in 2021 and some alarming stats on the progress of female equality.

female disruptor skin on sundays

11. Most popular SPS episodes — Somehow I recorded more than 100 podcasts in 2020.

the best of 2020 and the one thing for 2021

12. Pubcon — Join me January 20–21, I’ll be speaking with my fave crowd about local marketing and PR.

lisa buyer will be speaking at pubcon

13. Community — A new category of connection: Social Messaging. It’s the ability to pair the simplicity of a text message with the scale of a social network. Meet me here?

connect with lisa buyer of community

14. 24 Hour Course launching soon — My new friend, Julie Hood, is hosting the 24 Hour Course Creator DAILY Event virtually from January 11 — February 15, 2021. Jump in today and get your course going here.

Julie Hood is launching a 24 hour online course guide and inspired lisa buyer to create a course as well

15. Videos will overtake the importance of websites. Think explainer videos and quick videos for short attention spans. Production time is low and quality is high! Read more here.

16. Watch Shark Tank Friday, January 8th, and see if ALL33 wins over the Shark Team.

lisa buyers client, all33 will be appearing on shark tank on friday

17. Ready for detox to reboot? This is the program I did. Use code Reboot25 — today is the last day.

digital with lisa buyer

18. Pre-order Steven Kotler’s The Art of Impossible if you are ready to achieve peak performance.

19. Why guess who your audience is? SparkToro can help you discover any audience’s sources of influence: who and what they follow, visit, read, watch, and listen to.

20. First. Solutions. Leading. Future. Most overused words in a press release. See more.

21. Strike — My daughter made the second cut to be a model or stylist for FAU’s student-run magazine, Strike.

Bonus: Boho Beautiful — 14-day free yoga and meditation. Join me here.


Is there some “thing” you think Lisa Buyer should know about? Let us know! 

Originally published on The Buyer Group.