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92: Sarah Collins and Lisa Buyer Mindful Faves and Pet Peeves

For immediate release: Petty perfectionism is out, and mindfulness is in. In this episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer sits down with Sarah Collins to talk about favorite things and pet peeves of 2020. Sarah has worked in agencies her whole professional life, starting with The Buyer Group in 2006 and back again in 2019. 

Lines in the sand

Corporate culture and agency life does not have to be toxic. Over the years, Sarah Collins has collected and nurtured extensive knowledge from working in the digital marketing and agency world. Each step along the way taught her something old, something new, and sometimes, something blue. One of her biggest tips is setting boundaries to separate the end of a workday and personal time. She’s learned perfectionism can be toxic, and 100% perfect is not the secret to success. Tune into this episode of Social PR Secrets for Sarah and Lisa’s insights and perspective on everything from fave apps to happy hour drinks to soul searching inspiration.

Some topics discussed in this episode include: 

  • Mindset tips for Social PR pros and entrepreneurs
  • Most inspiring people
  • Favorite apps
  • Escapes from reality 
  • Social PR Secrets upcoming events to attend
  • Perfectionism and depression
  • Advice for 20-year-olds

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