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81: Navah Berg: AR/VR and the Social PR Revolution

Have you ever used a Snapchat filter? If so, you were using augmented reality. Lisa Buyer sat down with social virtual reality activist, and social media and digital marketing expert, Navah Berg. 

Navah dishes out the basics and shares the difference between virtual, augmented, and mixed reality. Virtual reality is when you jump into another world, augmented reality is a digital overlay on top of the real world, such as Pokemon Go or Snapchat filters, and mixed reality is the physical and virtual world intertwined and the virtual is spatially aware. Virtual, augmented, and mixed realities might seem like a public relations and marketing futuristic concept. However, these realities in the 2020 vision thanks to a  fast-forward push from the pandemic.  You might even be using these realities without even realizing it. You don’t need a whole headset to start experimenting in the virtual reality world. Navah Berg shares some of the apps you can use right from your smartphone and without a headset to immerse into these realities. 

With today’s reality, interacting with one another can cause fear and worry. Virtual reality can help you in your personal life and in business. Having meetings through virtual reality is one great way to thrive through this quarantine period. Augmented reality is even seen more often with virtual menus through QR codes to avoid touching things. These realities are helpful in all aspects of life, especially now. Navah Berg shares many groups, apps, and tips and tricks to diving into these worlds. Whether it is for business or for personal life. Take a step back from Zoom meetings and jump into VR with your loved ones or coworkers. 

Navah Berg and Lisa talk about other ways to experience this technology without a headset, or if you want to get a headset, find out which they recommend. These realities are going to be a new way of life. In this segment, learn from Navah Berg, a VR guru, to find out ways to start experimenting and learning about VR, AR, and MR. 

“[VR] puts you inside of the experience verses watching it from afar” – Navah Berg

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Social virtual reality 
  • The Hive PR show
  • Snapchat and augmented reality 
  • Working remotely with VR, AR 
  • Ways for brands to jump into VR, AR
  • Avatars
  • Oculus Quest
  • Content creation in VR
  • 360 photos
  • Optimizing SEO 

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