Matt Wolfe Social PR Secrets Part 2
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80: OG Podcaster Matt Wolfe on Traffic Strategies #FTW Part 2

Organic or paid strategies, which is better for podcasting? How do you get the word out about your show? Lisa Buyer and Matt Wolfe are back for part two of this two-part series to tell us all the podcasting tips and tricks so you can rock the podcast world. 

Matt Wolfe uses both organic and paid strategies for his podcast. His top organic strategies include going on other podcasts to talk about his show, Hustle & Flowchart Facebook group, and even going on other shows’ Facebook groups. Search engine optimization is not a huge focus of his to be successful, Matt Wolfe just does basic SEO strategies such as WordPress. The way he chooses to track his growth is by watching his list growth. Making a subreddit is a way to keep people talking about your podcast and another great organic tactic. Find out why paying attention to the time spent on the site is more important than the bounce rate. The bounce rate could be causing money waste versus someone who spends five minutes on your site and consuming the information. For paid strategies, Matt Wolfe leans on Google ads and Facebook ads, he finds that Twitter had too high of a bounce rate. 

Thinking about starting your own podcast? According to Matt Wolfe, right now is a perfect time to start! Getting interviews from guests is easier with the current status of the world and everyone’s availability. The guests who are usually busy with projects or travel are likely not doing as much with the pandemic and may be easier to get a hold of for a zoom interview. If you don’t want to start a podcast, now is the perfect time to go on someone else’s and spread the word about your business.

Make sure you check out part 1 if you haven’t already, and Tune into this segment to learn more about organic and paid strategies, optimizing your site, and much more from podcast expert Matt Wolfe!   

“Just going on shows to get people to come listen to our show has been one of the best way to grow out show” – Matt Wolfe 

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Monetizing your podcast
  • Sponsorships
  • Traffic strategies 
  • Organic strategies
  • Optimizing your site
  • Paid strategies 
  • Bounce rate
  • Social media and toxicity 

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