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69: Cole LaJeunesse Talks Entrepreneurship and Digital Agency

How do you take a business from the bottom and reach a large audience? Does age matter when it comes to trying to start a business? Cole LaJeunesse would tell you age is just a number in this business games and the numbers, in terms of engagement, are what will help your business grow in success. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets, host Lisa Buyer spoke with Cole LaJeunesse the founder of Planet Convert and co-star on docu-series “Pay the Invoice.” Throughout his life, Cole has learned various lessons in Facebook advertising and business PR in general. As he focuses on his new e-commerce businesses and trying to keep businesses converting during COVID-19, Cole shares the factors he focuses on when auditing other brands and businesses and working to build personal ventures into greater successes. 

As a young teen, Cole LaJeunesse wasn’t quite sure about what his path in life was going to be, but that all changed when he was 17 years old and learned about entrepreneurship from a high school class. At that moment, once Cole understood the goals and visions of an entrepreneur he knew that was the path he wanted to take and not the traditional collegiate route. However, it didn’t all start at once. In fact, Cole spent the first few years working at Five Guys and waiting to get his personal training certification, but once he met his mentor he decided to take a leap of faith and open his own gym. With his brother by his side and father as an investor, Cole accomplished his newly set goal of owning his own gym three weeks shy of turning 20. Although this business leap was virtually a perfect success, Cole was aware he had limited to no knowledge in the details of marketing, 

At age 21, Cole began traveling the world and became inspired by the many digital nomads or traveling digital workers, he met around the globe. He began applying to different apprenticeships to learn more and took one in Vietnam doing freelance Facebook Ads before venturing out and creating Planet Convert. A year later, after some vigorous communicating and engaging on the Facebook Group –  Facebook Ad Hacks community group, Cole was asked to be on the docu-reality series “Pay the Invoice” with other freelancers working on various projects. 

During that time, Cole learned invaluable lessons that he tries to share with up and coming businesses he works with today. One of the key takeaways for Cole was identifying and establishing a persona for a brand. He said one of the biggest mistakes he sees companies and business owners make is not matching their target audience with the copy they present to the public. 

Looking to understand how to take a PR approach to your self-starter? Not sure, how to use Facebook to help your business? Tune into this episode to hear more about the dos and dont’s and benefits of Facebook advertising. 

“The biggest thing that I learned was in a business you have to have a streamlined process. Everything has to be super well-wired step-by-step,”- Cole LaJeunesse

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Facebook advertising 
  • Marketing
  • Business advertising 
  • Facebook community groups

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