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62: AJ Wilcox on Mastering LinkedIn

Why is LinkedIn the easiest platform to go viral on? According to AJ Wilcox, no other algorithm gives individuals even close to the same free organic reach!

In this episode of Social PR Secrets, host Lisa Buyer sat down with digital marketer and podcaster AJ Wilcox. AJ has worked in digital marketing for 14 years, and eight years ago he dove headfirst into mastering the art on LinkedIn. The years later, he founded B2Linked, his ad agency that specializes in LinkedIn ads. Recently, he started his own podcast: The LinkedIn Ads Show. If you’re looking to improve your strategy on the platform — either yourself or for a company — AJ has the expertise you need to succeed.

Lisa and AJ discuss how to utilize the reach LinkedIn gives personal pages as a company, new features that the platform is rolling out soon, and why the most valuable thing about LinkedIn is targeting and how to utilize it. AJ reveals how to make a successful video ad: Find out why it’s absolutely essential for the first few seconds to be action-packed. Then, he shares some of the best tips he’s learned in starting his podcast. Finally, the father of four divulges his secret to working from home.

If you want to optimize your LinkedIn presence, you need to hear this conversation. Ever wonder why your posts with links to outside sources never perform as well as your other posts? Listen to the episode to hear AJ’s secret of how to share outside content and still make a post go viral!

“If you want to reach someone in business, LinkedIn Ads is probably the way to do it.” – AJ Wilcox

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • AJ’s career
  • LinkedIn’s algorithm
  • Targeting
  • LinkedIn events
  • The new conversation ads
  • Tips to create a successful video ad
  • How to link to outside content
  • The truth about LinkedIn groups
  • AJ’s podcasting tips
  • His upcoming book
  • The wonders of a treadmill desk

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