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60: Krista Neher on Digital Marketing

Do you know what the most important skill for digital marketers in 2020 is? Despite the widespread perception that the industry is constantly rapidly changing, Krista Neher says it’s the same as it has been for years: SEO!

In this episode of Social PR Secrets, host Lisa Buyer sits down with best-selling author, international speaker, and digital marketing educator Krista Neher to get her insight into the field. Krista is a digital marketing expert. She has more than 15 years of experience, having worked with massive companies including Google, General Mills, and P&G and a seasoned educator of digital marketing. She’s written best-selling books on the topic and created one of the first accredited social media certification programs in the world. Krista is the founder and CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a leading digital marketing training provider.

Lisa and Krista discuss why college isn’t the best way to learn the craft of digital marketing, the importance of strategy and measurement and how to do it, and what, if any, trends are worth paying attention to. Thinking about getting your company on TikTok?

Find out why you may want to think again.

Then, she explains why understanding data is absolutely essential for good marketing, but something very few marketers are able to do. She defines GSOT (Goals, Strategy, Objectives, and Tactics), the formula she uses to create every marketing strategy, and how to make your own.

Krista explains her pyramid of hygiene, hub, and innovation  — sharing her blueprint on how to best manage your time and money to optimize your marketing. Krista reveals how she’s been able to pivot her personal business from in-person events quickly in the midst of the global pandemic and how to look for your own silver lining and capitalize on it.

Looking to dive into the ever-expanding digital marketing field during the current economic turmoil? Or are you already a marketer wanting to expand your skills and optimize your business? Listen to the episode to hear Krista share the expertise you need to succeed!

“If you don’t invest enough, you don’t give yourself the chance to succeed.” – Krista Neher

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Krista’s journey
  • The most important skill for marketers
  • How to craft a strategy for any campaign and why you need to
  • Building personas
  • Trends and how much time to devote to keeping up with them
  • How to create your silver lining
  • Why speed is crucial
  • Whether or not to specialize
  • Why you need to understand data

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