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155: Biz Coach Steve Feld’s Words of Wisdom on Business Coaching and Growth!

“You’ve been coaching other people; why don’t you go get a coach.”

Ultimately were the words that led Steve Feld to his own business success. 

In this episode, Biz Coach, Steve Feld discusses the importance of hiring a business coach for your business, brand, or personal life and helps us recognize the common mistakes that small business owners make. 

About Steve Feld 

Steve is a Certified Business Coach, Speaker, award-winning Business Management Executive, and Author. Steve has dealt with over 300 businesses where he has implemented his coaching strategies to achieve positive growth results. Today, Biz Coach Steve focuses on 1-on-1 group coaching and an E-learning Academy to help businesses skyrocket their profits. 

Topics Discussed 

  • How to Find the Right Business Coach
  • The State of Mental Health with Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Steve Feld’s Advice on Mental Health During the Pandemic (Zoom, Digital, and Working from Home)
  • Ways to De-Stress and Free Your State of Mind
  • Steve’s 5-Day Challenge: Attract More Prospects and Clients
  • Honing in Your Message and Booking the Right Target Market
  • Tips from Steve’s Book Financial Formula Breakthroughs: All businesses should know for success
  • Automated Programs, Workshops, Focus Groups, and Phone Calls for Business Owners to Understand their Business
  • Using Joint Ventures to Expand Your Business

Steve Feld: Words of Wisdom

“ You’re not in it by yourself. You can always get help, and if you ever need someone to talk to, reach out. Being an entrepreneur, you are on an island many times, and you just want someone to talk to. Get some help.” 

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