Chris Kyle Shares Online Course Secrets to Success
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150: Chris Kyle Shares Online Course Secrets to Success

Should online courses be part of your business model? Next project? Or even a side hustle? 

Did you know that more than 75 percent of ALL classes and courses will be online by the end of 2022? Here’s your opportunity to use your skills, expertise and passion to create and teach a course of your own. 

Wine experts, real estate pros, attorneys, teachers, accountants, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs. Who would you like to learn from? And on the flipside, who would like to learn from you? Everyone is well-versed in something that others would love to gain knowledge in. So, what are you waiting for? Visualize your success, rid away imposter syndrome and get ready to create and launch an “A-Level” online course successfully.

In this episode of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets podcast, Chris Kyle, elearning expert and CEO of Launch Academy, reveals how to create a successful online course and the traps to avoid along the way.  Add to your brand’s public relations strategy and find out how an online training program might be your ticket to financial freedom!

Chris Kyle’s Origin Story

As a coaching consultant for many years, Chris Kyle worked with startup companies, both pre-funded and entirely from scratch. He was then offered a full-time position in a career path tailored toward learning. An area of opportunity widened, along with his passion for educating. Eventually, he said goodbye to corporate life and hello to entrepreneurship with Launch Academy.

Chris’ 11 years of experience coaching on how to create and launch an online course, has resulted in over $4.5 million dollars in course launch revenue, with many earning $60,000 or more from his clients’ and students’ first course launch. His mission is to guide aspiring ‘global messengers’ to create highly successful and engaging online learning programs while expanding their reach worldwide.

What is Launch Academy & The Four Essential Elements Model?

Launch Academy is the blueprint for creating and designing a transformative and lucrative online course. Taught by Chris Kyle himself, he uses his Four Essential Elements Model to help expand your reach and engagement, increase income and you become a global messenger in your space.

The elements, which will also be discussed in-depth throughout the webinar, include:

  • Transformative Content for a better student learning experience
  • Enrolling Messaging that attracts lots of the “right” students
  • Effective & Converting Marketing for FILLING UP your course
  • Engagement-oriented Technology to increase connection and motivation

From Snoozie Teleseminars to Interactive Gamified Courses

From school and work to happy hours and concerts, the COVID-19 pandemic launched almost every aspect of our lives into virtual environments. But the idea of e-learning and online courses actually came to fruition decades ago and even rose to popularity no more than a few years before the virus even hit. 

Today, many schools offer complimentary laptops to students. Ten years and maybe even 5 years ago, this seemed like a ludicrous concept. Chris says that in 2009, online courses consisted of listening to videos either through the phone or on the computer. Teleseminars lacked interaction or any sort of frills. For lack of a better word, they were boring and ultimately gave online a bad rep. 

With the development of technology and innovative platforms, you can now create an experience that replicates that of a real-life classroom environment. So, what is the secret ingredient to creating a fantastic online course? How do you make your audience feel as if they are touching knee-to-knee when in reality they are really miles, states and even countries apart?

Secrets Revealed: How To Create a Transformative Learning Experience

Chris says there is no cookie-cutter way to go about teaching your own online course, as the creative process is non-linear. But there are ways to kickstart your creative juices. Chris shares how he takes learning to the next level!

Tip 1: Filming Location: Bring a level of creativity and play to the development of your course by recording your sessions, modules, or a few videos at a fun venue that may or may not need to even relate to the content you’re teaching. Remember, you don’t have to be at a desk talking to a camera to embody the professional essence of an educator. 

Tip 2: Create a Demo: Actions speak louder and translate better than words. Make your modules and lessons hands-on, by bringing in guest speakers and real-life case studies. 

Tip 3: Zoom Breakout Groups, sharing screens: Human beings love feeding off of others’ energies. In many scenarios, students get the most out of learning when bouncing ideas off of one another. Remember, two minds are always better than one. 

Tip 4: Embedded Learning: Get creative with the assignments that you want your students to take part in. This can look like guided visuals, journaling, taking a walk or listening to a specific podcast every morning.

MYTH OR FACT: The Truth About Creating Facebook Groups for Your Online Course

Myth or Fact? If you do not have a steady following before creating a course, then your project will never gain traction… MYTH!

Myth or Fact? Aspiring course creators should focus on the marketing aspect before outlining their course… MYTH!

Myth or Fact? Growing a Facebook group or community is difficult without the support of a tangible, completed product… FACT!

“Create the product and the program first. You will build your audience by launching your course.” -Chris Kyle

Consider these online course stats:

  • e-Learning is the fastest growing segment in the learning arena (any area of learning) and it’s accelerating due to the global pandemic.
  • Over 75% of ALL classes and courses will be online by the end of 2022.
  • Your potential students and clients are now expecting their teachers or guides (you) to offer online programs as a way to work with them from wherever they live on the planet.

If you felt all the good vibes from this episode, be sure to register for the free online training happening tomorrow, to discover the PROVEN system for creating and launching your lucrative online course!

Some online course topics in this episode include:

  • How to make money from online courses and e-learning
  • The biggest mistakes brands make when launching an online course
  • Online course creation do’s and don’ts
  • Credentials and experience needed to create online courses
  • Facebook Groups for online courses – thumbs up or down?
  • Creating your online course and having a PROVEN process
  • Upcoming free webinar hosted by Lisa Buyer with Chris Kyle

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