Finding clarity in trauma with gi gi o'brien
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Finding Clarity in Trauma with Gi Gi O’Brien

Best-selling author and happiness expert Gi Gi O’Brien shares how holding a knife to her throat may have left a memory but not a scar.

When hearing the words ‘genetic inheritance,’ you probably think about eye color, blood type, and health conditions. But did you know that trauma and memories can also be genetically passed down through DNA? 

Living with unhealthy mental states like post-traumatic stress and anxieties can debilitate more lives than just your own. If left unaddressed, your response and the agonies you have experienced can cut deep into the mental wellness of your future lineage. 

Meditation and gratitude are more than just buzzwords. They can work the as incredible body and brain detoxifications. But until experiencing the desperation, isolation, and fear that comes with trauma, it may be hard to recognize or understand its wonderful workings… until now!

In the latest episode of Lisa Buyer’s Digital Detox Secrets, author, social entrepreneur, and founder of the Global Intelligence Initiative (gii) Gi Gi O’Brien shares her mindful mission: to positively impact and guide one million people to reach a happier, healthier, and high-performing life. She also describes how to enhance your entrepreneurial personality, the launch of her new book, The Intelligence of Happiness: How to Thrive Using Authenticity, Self-Alignment, and Simple Neuropsychology, and the connection between science and spirituality.

Gi Gi O’Brien: Supported by Meditation and the Occasional Single-Malt

Piloting you away from the danger zone and into a thriving, not surviving mindset, Gi Gi’s book uses a trifecta model of basic neuropsychology, neurobiology, and cosmology to transcend your pain and worst life moments into powerful assets.

Five days after handing in the final manuscript of her book, The Intelligence of Happiness, Gi Gi came face-to-face with a home intruder. The perpetrator held a knife to her throat and stabbed her partner inches away from his carotid artery and juggler. 

She sees this event as the universe’s way of testing her neuropsychology capabilities. She had drawn from decades of her own crippling mental health issues like anxiety-inflicted tumors, a terrible relationship with failure, and a series of underlying traumas to write the book. But this life-threatening attack sparked a new realization: That you are never done tending to life’s torments, whether they are from the past or the present.

2,500 Minutes of Meditation in the Jungle

For 42 hours, over the course of 7 days, Gi Gi detoxed from all entities that she so often used to numb her mind, body, and spirit. She detached from technology and obligations, learned where trauma and pain are stored, and relaxed the pent-up tension to tap into a healthier version of her entrepreneurial self successfully.

Each enhancement is linked in one way or another. Techniques that she adopted into her everyday and business life included meditative breathing to instill concentration, honing in on stress level management, becoming more nonreactive, and overcoming fear in a heartbeat. By switching off unhelpful subconscious and conscious thoughts, Gigi has relaxed any diseases ensued by trauma and taken back her life, one detox at a time. 

The Importance of a Consistent Reset

Gi Gi says the work is never indeed done. One reset or detox isn’t going to solve all of your problems. So, you must be consistent with your actions. If not, the traumas, pain, and suffering will eventually come knocking at the door once again and in full force. 

It would have been easy for Gi Gi to have allowed the wounds from the home invasion to become all-consuming, to enable dormant traumas to nestle into her psyche. But instead, she turned tragedy into triumph without as much as one ounce of a victim’s complex.

Express Gratitude & the Five C’s

“You cannot get where you’re going if you’re not honest about where you’re at.” –Gi Gi O’Brien

Action items to apply to your business and personal life:

  1. Authenticity: The healing process can’t begin until you validate your pain and accept that you are broken.
  2. Express Gratitude: Not everyone has the freedom to take a week off from work or spend money on a retreat. A free alternative that can enhance happiness within is by reaching out to people who inspire you or are part of your community. Take a moment to tell them that you enjoyed their recent podcast episode, LinkedIn article, or presence. Connection and networking go a long way.
  3. The Five C’s for self-help and high-performance:
    1. Control your emotions
    2. Be Conscious of your thoughts
    3. Commit to beliefs that serve you
    4. Be Continuous with your behaviors
    5. Be Consistent with what you believe

Gi Gi used these tips as well as surrounding knowledge to write her book on neurology. By leveraging information and taking a course in neuroscience, she was able to eliminate her imposter syndrome and write the #1 newly released Amazon book on neuropsychology and cognitive neuroscience.

Proving in Science What We Already Know in Spirituality

Gigi highly recommends tapping into gratitude. It vibrates at 900 hertz, which is actually a higher frequency level than enlightenment. This research and realization have proven that both entities –spirituality and science — are connected and merging as one. 

She says that everything in life comes back to our emotions. The ways in which we quickly recover from or fester over an argument. The decisions we make and our self-awareness. This is because we, as humans, are emotions, energy in motion, electrical impulses moving through synaptic gaps transmitted by water. And so is our brain and everything around us that influences and inspires.

Once you look through a health and spirituality lens and recognize that emotional intelligence is part of the success formula, you will soon move one step closer to creating a more stable, happy, and healthy environment for your children, their children, and even their children’s children.

What’s Next for Gi Gi O’Brien

The Intelligence of Happiness: How to Thrive Using Authenticity, Self-Alignment and Simple NeroPsychology is available on Amazon now! Gi Gi also has several books in the works, is thrilled to launch global intelligence initiative workshops and online courses, and hopes to host a TED Talk in the near future.

Social PR Secrets Episode: Gi Gi O’Brien Turns Pain Into Power: Social Networking Tips, the Five C’s and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Some topics in this episode include:

  • Fails, Scares, and Trauma
  • Transforming Pain into Power
  • Authenticity
  • Toxic Positivity
  • The Theory of Opposites
  • Trauma and DNA
  • Meditation in the Jungle
  • Internet Detox
  • Managing Stress, Overcoming Fear, and Controlling Anxiety
  • Canyon Ranch
  • Gratitude
  • The Five C’s
  • Spirituality and Science
  • Suicide Among Entrepreneurs
  • Suicide Prevention Month
  • The Intelligence of Happiness

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