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147: The Art of Persuasion, the Offer and the Experience With Brandon Smits

In this episode Brandon Smits dives into the do’s and don’ts of persuasion, shares tips on conversion, and lays out the best action plan when it comes to connecting with potential clients.

He answers the questions, “Do we have the right message at the right stage?” 

“And how to tell if we do or don’t?” 

Brandon’s career started in marketing 10 years ago in SEO, and over time he got closer and closer to optimizing conversion from paid and organic traffic. Brandon soon climbed the marketing ladder and opened his own marketing agency. He is now partnered with fellow Marketing Agency, Eight Loop to help marketers and entrepreneurs find the right sauce! 

Organic Search in Brandon Smits’ Brain?

Organic has changed in the past few years and social media organic is on the rise whether, it is a personal or business account. Brandon explains that organic has become a very, very powerful, acceleration, experience that people get when they find a brand who really just sort of knows them without ever having met them before. 

Importance of Marketing and Persuasion

Brandon says the awareness piece of marketing is still as important as it ever was. 

“If you’re in the coaching or the marketing space, looking to attract new clients, it’s even more important because there’s so many people out there doing what you do.”

It is crucial for brands to take the time to resonate with people and give them emotion. Getting people to feel something when they see your content is KEY when it comes to the persuasion process of working with your brand in the future.

Do’s of persuasion:

Ask yourself how does what we do get people to get what they want?

Is our content about us or is it about our audience?

In order to persuade somebody to do anything really, you need to make sure that it meets their best interests to get what they want, Brandon believes. 

“I feel the people who struggle the most to get the ball rolling on this type of thing often have not gone back to the basics of understanding what, who their audience is. What are the various versions of the marketing persona that are out there? And what is it that they want?”

STARTING POINT: Get a stranger to book a call with your sales team and validate your mechanism to get them over the fence.

Showing up to the call: 

  • Make it very clear to your prospect what they’re going to get in that time.
  • Use our five step evaluation tool that will put you on track to get desired results. 
  • Make the client/customer feel happy!
  • If everything checks out, maybe you’ll even work together in the future.

“The strategy call has its own intrinsic value. You want to do this? This is the psychology that you want to put inside of your marketing so that they feel it’s a benefit and it should honestly be a benefit to them to sit on a call with your team,” said Brandon.

 “You’re qualifying them, but they’re learning what they need to do to solve their problem at the same time.”  

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