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146: How to Stop the Mental Trash and Bring More Joy Into Your Life ft. Jessica Schiller Silverman

Is social media trashing your brain? Jessica Silverman asks: How much time do you spend on social media? Fifteen-minute scrolls every couple of hours may not seem drastic, but those small intervals can add up quickly. 

Social media is addictive. We experience fleeting moments of joy, twitching withdrawals, and then endure the vicious cycle again and again until eventually we are left feeling insecure, anxious, and depressed. 

Digital is an interruption of energy and an invasive creation of space that leaves us in a vulnerable mental state. Wellness coach and podcast host Jessica Schiller Silverman says that when you shift your source of escape to a positive facilitator, hold yourself accountable and make time for creativity, you will find your way back to a vibrant life.

In this episode of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets podcast, Jessica Schiller Silverman, creator of Mo’Zen Wellness and A-L-I-V-E podcast, shares how to break free from a soul-sucking job, the importance of setting social media boundaries, and the tools needed to live vibrantly.

Where Wellness & Business Come to Life

On paper, Jessica’s life looked perfect: Bachelor of Science in Finance, a 6-figure salary as a Senior Finance Manager, and living the San Francisco life with her fiance. But in reality, her life looked a little something like this: tiresome commutes, a suffocating Monday through Friday schedule, 12-hour workdays, sleepless nights. And repeat. Jessica refers back to her 15-year finance career as a glorified prison.  

So, she decided to commit corporate jailbreak and ended up finding a deeper purpose along the way.

The Shift from Corporate Life to Wellness Coach

Jessica is living proof that there is a way out of an unhappy career and light at the end of that ominous tunnel. She says it’s important to understand that career shifts are not linear. They are gradual transitions. For some, this process takes one month. For others, it may take several years. 

After a two-week Christmas vacation, she began suffering from massive panic attacks and depression. Hoping to seek relief, she listened to podcasts about people who were happily living their lives, not tied down to a job, and actually making good money doing what they enjoyed. 

Two months after her mental breakdown, she left her job and never looked back.

Social Media Detox in 3 Steps

“People think some of these things take so much time and energy, but it’s really all (about those) micro-moments that I think collectively can create something beautiful.” — Jessica Schiller Silverman

Step 1: Find a platform that lifts you up and speaks your language. As entrepreneurs, social media is part of the job, but there are ways to balance digital work and pleasure. 

Step 2: Set a timer on your phone to record how many hours you spend on certain platforms. Jessica says that time spent scrolling can be allotted elsewhere in a healthy and productive manner. 

Step 3: Give yourself a new pattern to form in your psyche. Jessica uses the Daybreaker app for workouts, sound healing, and meditation. 

Alignment of Love Inspiration Vitality and Energy

Jessica’s podcast, A.L.I.V.E., debunks the “starving artist” myth. Each episode is full of golden nuggets that help you learn how to come ALIVE in your creative progress while creating financial and energetic flow. 

This show is for anyone with an open heart and mind who wants to find joy in a joyless world. She discusses everything under the sun, from dealing with residual trauma to helping you cultivate creativity. 

What’s Next for Jessica?!

Release the all-consuming mental chatter, simplify social and live vibrantly! On Aug. 30, 2021, Jessica is launching an 8-week live program called Live Vibrant. This course is your escape from the vicious cycle that is life. Jessica says that through the power of the collective, you will feel supported, seen, and loved.

If you desire to live in alignment with your core values, stop spending so much time online and balance life’s commitments, then it’s time to say yes to LYVF and fall in love with life again!

Some topics in this episode include:

  • Mental Health & Social Media
  • The Shift from Corporate to Entrepreneurship
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Billable Time
  • The Impact of Digital’s Energetic Pull
  • How to Live a Vibrant Life

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