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Art Therapy and Meditation: Whitney Freya’s Digital Detox Practices

With just one brushstroke, you can paint away the digital toxicities that are clouding your world. Whitney Freya shares how to free your mind from limitations, release negative energy and embrace an artist mentality with Creatively Fit.

In this new episode of the Digital Detox Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sits down with bestselling author,  modern-day mystic, and Inspired Living expert Whitney Freya, where she shares how to use art as a therapeutic detox tool to awaken creativity and disrupt the digital.

The Creative Awakening

“Energy is the new resume.” –Whitney Freya

In 2010, a Nigerian woman named Vivian wrote an email to Whitney, describing the plight of women in Nigeria, their desire to be liberated and free and if Whitney had the tools to help them. At first, the answer was an absolute no. She doubted whether she was fit to coach these women. She wondered, “how can I certify someone when I am not even certified?” But something inside of Whitney urged her to wait 24 hours to respond. The next day, two people brought up Nigeria in conversation, sparking Whitney’s creative awakening. Two months later, Project Nigeria launched with 13 U.S. women and Vivian onboard.

The Art of Living An Inspired Life

Whitney Freya and Lisa Buyer agree that one of the fantastic things about life is that we are not married to yesterday. Each day is a blank canvas and it’s up to us to guide the paintbrush. But how do we get to such a point of surety? Whitney Freya hosts various workshops and online courses that help you tap into your divine feminine energy.

From a 21-day painting meditation challenge to a Life Artist Master Class, Whitney uses her creative expertise to help you understand your creative superpowers. 

The Program by Whiney Freya

Whitney’s Creatively Fit Coaching Certificate invites you to accept art into your life and enjoy its endless possibilities. Unlock the creative nature that lives and breathes inside of you with these four levels:

Level 1 Vision Quest: This is the “grounding” part of the creativity training, where you channel the four Earth Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. Here, you will complete at least 15 different paintings, learn the technique that is at the foundation of everything Whitney teaches, explore the intuitive language of sacred symbols and master painting as energy work.

Level 2 The Super Soul Flow: This is the “charging” part of the creativity training, where painting and meditation converge in a magical union. 

Level 3 Creative Biz Coaching: This 4-month workshop teaches you how to create a 3-part video teaching series to share with your world, teach an in-person Rise Above Painting Workshop (or in-person workshop of your choice) and combine the Creatively Fit Model with more traditional coaching.

Level 4 Creatives Making Money: Organized into 30 daily prompts about different business facets, this workshop allows you to clarify, organize, and launch your 3-part video series. 

Just like Whitney Freya’s opportunity with the Nigerian woman, if you open your heart to these training sessions, then you, too, will receive the guidance that you desire.

Some topics discussed in this podcast include:

  • Tap into Creativity
  • Divine Feminine Energy
  • The Nigerian Branch
  • The Creatively Fit Coaching Certificate
  • Energy and Meditative Workshops

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