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144: Mandy McEwen’s LinkedIn PR Secrets For Brands of Any Size

Did the LinkedIn bubble burst? Not a chance. Mandy McEwen is the secret weapon for mastering the LinkedIn algorithm, optimizing your area of specialization, and maximizing exposure, engagement, and content strategy.

LinkedIn can be like speed dating for entrepreneurs, where individuals and businesses alike hope to find a requited LinkedIn “love” connection! Or it can be a forum where health professional relationships are cultivated and nurtured.

In this new episode of Lisa Buyer’s Social PR Secrets podcast, Mandy McEwen, official LinkedIn trainer, founder of Luminetics LinkedIn Training and the B2B Mod Girl Marketing Agency, dishes out the same inside scoop that she slings for her own corporate clients: how to leverage the ultimate corporate networking platform.

LinkedIn’s Law of Reciprocation

Human connection is valued in one’s personal and online networking life. Mandy says that the LinkedIn algorithm loves engagement. And guess what? All it takes is just one comment to gain hundreds of new connections. But the tricks and hacks don’t stop there!

Inside Scoop #1: All LinkedIn company pages are issued 100 FREE “credits” per month, allowing you to send personal invitation requests explicitly to your target audience.

Inside Scoop #2: Always tag your LinkedIn company page in posts.

Inside Scoop #3: There are over 55 million companies active on LinkedIn. Labeling yourself as a ‘jack of all trades’ actually hurts your chances of standing out among the rest. Consider branding yourself as a specific subject matter or industry expert. It pays off to be hyper-focused!

Organic Tactics to Humanize Your Brand

Fun LinkedIn Fact: Employees are 14x more likely to share their employer’s content on LinkedIn than any other brands. Shared posts, comments, updates, and likes from staff members are the most important assets needed to illuminate and humanize your brand. It’s important for team leaders to offer work-related incentives to better encourage and elevate such productivity efforts.

It’s better to network in a way that doesn’t feel like a chore. Mandy suggests connecting and engaging with people who share interests similar to your own. That way when you’re genuinely captivated by the content or post, your response will come across as credible.

To let others know that your brand is a reliable and real resource to utilize, you should consider: Commenting on at least one to three posts of interest and waiting for 3 to 5 days to send a connection request. After requesting, be sure to leave a brief message explaining that you enjoyed their post and why.

Mandy McEwan on Your Impact with LinkedIn and Luminetics 

“Your (LinkedIn) profile shouldn’t be a glorified resume. It should (showcase) how you help people.” – Mandy McEwen

How can people benefit from your impactful services? Mandy’s golden trio listed below will empower your message, maximize brand exposure and generate transformative results.

  1. To optimize your profile include:

    1. Brand-related employee content
    2. Client Testimonials
    3. Stats/data
    4. Social Proof
    5. Behind the Scenes Video on feed or LinkedIn Story
  2. Become an active member of the community by:

    1. Commenting on posts and engaging with people who are within your target audience, prospective partners, current clients, etc.
    2. Writing 5 meaningful comments a day
    3. Turning a comment into an actual post on your feed
  3. Repurposed Content

    1. Mandy posts daily on LinkedIn and repurposes it to create Facebook and Instagram posts (tip: wait a few hours in-between posting on each channel; tweak the content to relate it to that specific social network)
    2. Repost your long, in-depth LinkedIn posts and/or videos to your blog. This will optimize your website for search engines (SEO) and conversions.

Some Topics Discussed in this episode include:

  • The Law of Reciprocation
  • Luminetics LinkedIn Training
  • Benefits of Hyper-Focused Specializations
  • Mastering the LinkedIn Algorithm 
  • Engaging in Content
  • Speed Dating for Entrepreneurs
  • LinkedIn Stories

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