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135: Female Disruptor, Cordelia Henry Talks Social Media, Sisterpreneurs and Productivity

Empowered Women, Empower Women: Building Relationships with Cordelia Henry.

In this new episode of the Social PR Podcast, host Lisa Buyer chats with fellow Gemini and female disruptor, Cordelia Henry. As the founder of Pearlescence, a community dedicated to empowering women, she believes that all women have the power to reach their desired potential once they realize that they deserve and can achieve that success. 

Tapping into Your Female Intuition

Cordelia says that every woman is born with the natural ability to build relationships which, after all, is the foundation for becoming a successful entrepreneur. Pearlescence, established in 2017, guides women to build their tribe of women influencers and allies.

On any path that you take, you’ll come across a woman to learn from; a sisterpreneur offering a helping hand. This is the Pearlescence community in a nutshell. A safe and beneficial space for women of all stages in their career and all walks of life to lift each other up and celebrate the many successes and hardships that come with building a brand and business.

“Pearlescence is celebrating the beauty and the uniqueness of each of us as women.” — Cordelia Henry

Balancing Work and Family

Lisa says that as women, we are expected to work like we don’t have a family and have a family like we don’t work. Cordelia offers tips on balancing work and family life in a productive and practical way.

  • Stay Organized: Create a daily checklist.
  • Manage Your Expectations: Determine a realistic input and output for the day.
  • You are Enough: Leaving several boxes unchecked does not mean that you were unsuccessful and did not do enough for the day. Simply, place those items at the top of the priority list tomorrow.

The Bright Side of the Pandemic

Before COVID-19, Cordelia solely relied on organic, face-to-face interaction to PR network and build relationships. The pandemic forced her into the trenches of social media. And even though hosting and creating digital events was unfamiliar to Cordelia, she channeled her love for people and learned to adapt. Today, she has nearly 3,000 followers on the Pearlescence Facebook page and strives to grow the community every day.

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Building Relationships
  • Female Entrepreneurs
  • Pearlescence
  • Sisterpreneurs
  • Working Mothers
  • Adapting to Social Media 

Connect with Cordelia Henry

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Online community: Sisterhood 4 Influence & Impact