Navah Berg on VR in PR
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131: How to Use VR in PR with Navah Berg

If you’ve ever put on a VR headset, you know how thrilling the experience is. But have you ever considered using the up-and-coming technology for PR and marketing? VR expert Navah Berg shares her tips and ideas for how virtual reality can change the industry.

In this new episode of the Social PR Podcast, host Lisa Buyer dives into the possibilities of VR with Navah Berg. Navah is a specialist in both marketing and social PR. She was one of the first women to see the true potential of VR for PR and has dedicated her career to developing more ways to include the technology in our professional lives.

What is Social VR?

So far, most people have been using VR for gaming. So how do you use virtual reality for marketing? According to Navah, the real perk is being able to create a world or platform to bring people together. People can go inside a space, and walk around it. If you’re hosting, you are able to create and build wolds, create avatars and meet up spots. You can tell stories and develop narratives. 

For example, Navah created a world for International Women’s Day. She built a meet-up spot full of quotes from women where people were able to come in and come together to celebrate. 

Advantages of VR

To some, VR might seem like a gadget. But the advantages are real, says Navah Berg. Here are some of them:

👓 During your virtual meetings, presentations, or events, you will feel the attendees’ presence. You will be able to look them in their eyes and really feel like you’re in the same space.

👓 You can ask questions the same way you would if they were next to you, you can high five or pass objects to people.

👓 If you’re using VR for a product launch, attendees will be able to see the actual product.

👓 VR is great for collaboration, no screen is separating you so you can share ideas and work on a project together in the same way you would in person.

Advantages of VR

VR can seem intimidating at first. Navah says the best place to start is simply by buying a headset and experimenting with it. She also recommends joining the Facebook groups for each social VR network and looking at their guides and websites. Such networks include Women in Horizon, Recroom, VRChat, and 

“The first time I tried a headset I knew it would be the future of communications.” – Navah Berg

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