21 things: april is for mental health, vacation, and more
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128: April is Made for Mental Health Days, Vacation, and Flexible Schedules

Friendly reminder that “doing your best” doesn’t mean working yourself to the point of mental breakdown. Mental health is important.

Here are 21 things I’m slightly obsessed with this month.

📰 Earned media takes time. In a world of instant gratification, PR and SEO are not.

🔍 Lose 35% of your search traffic? Prepare for Web Vitals.

😃 Happy. Honored. Thrilled. Please. Most overused words in a press release quote.

✅ Emojis are like bullets, not periods. Front-load them for the best results.

💁 A lack of branding in creative? More brand awareness for competitors.

👯‍♀️ Women making history. Navah Berg in Facebook Horizons and Sherron Washington on Fox.

women in horizon by Navah Berg

📻 2 smart guys and a podcast idea. PodHacker is open, sign up now.

🎙 Guy Kawasaki’s interview. Why he’d rather podcast than write another book – me too!

📈 Increase engagement by 650%. Add gifs and animation to content.

📹 LinkedIn introduces creator mode and video cover stories – time to upgrade your bio.

🔫 Nerf just hired a Chief TikTok officer.

📱 Mobile-first creativity is key. Facebook reports advertisers who optimize creativity for mobile experiences see 2x higher lifts in brand awareness than those who don’t.

📚 My latest book. Directions: Really Good Advice for Getting from Here to There by Hallie Bateman.

📑 Fave brand newsletters: Cohley and Ann Friedman.

✂ Overexposed on the Internet? Delete yourself with Deleteme.

🔥 Entrepreneur burnout? It’s more common than you think. 75% of those surveyed claim to have experienced it in some form or another at work.

😤 Stat: 64% saying they are frequently stressed at work.

😩 Causes of burnout: Unsustainable workload, Perceived lack of control, Insufficient rewards for effort, Lack of a supportive community, Lack of fairness, Mismatched values, and skills.

😜 Not bragging. I scored more than 300 on this burnout quiz.

🏄🏻‍♀️ Ways to reverse burnout. Mental health days, vacation, and flexible schedules.

🛩 My latest destination. Canyon Ranch for 11 days on a pathway to reset my mind, body and reverse burnout.

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