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122: Grill Girl, Robyn Lindars, Dominates Digital PR, SEO and Social Listening

When one hears Grill Girl, their attention is immediately grabbed. That’s the genius of Robyn Lindars. From starting a small blog about grilling to running a successful website and appearing on the Today Show to soon launching her own magazine, Robyn is a PR expert. In this episode, she shares how she uses PR, social media, and SEO to grow her brand every day. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sits down with Robyn Lindars, founder of GrillGirl, a website where she shares tips, recipes, classes, and more. Like many of us PR pros, Robyn went to journalism school before starting her career at Marketwire where she learned the art of digital PR, SEO, and distribution. 

At the same time she discovered grilling, she started a small blog that then morphed into GrillGirl. She realized: why do the guys get to have all the fun? She used the website as an opportunity to share her growing passion for grilling. Along the way, she has learned how to build a social presence and run a widely successful website. Want to know how she did it? Listen to this episode to find out!

Creating Content to Get Press

Robyn Lindars has appeared on the Today Show, the Food Network, and featured in USA Today, The Miami Herald, and more. Despite what most people think, high-end produced videos aren’t necessarily what catches people’s attention, she says. Instead, home-grown content can get you the best press opportunities. For example, the Today Show found her through videos of herself grilling lamb in her backyard. She also started her Women’s Grilling Clinics, understanding that events are a great way to get press.

Robyn also explains that finding a niche that sets you apart makes it much easier to get featured in a story. For her, being a woman in a male-dominated field allowed her to cut through a lot of noise. To that, Lisa adds that entrepreneurs shouldn’t be afraid of starting with local media mentions to start the momentum before aiming at bigger publications. She also recommends doing paid distribution of your news releases to make sure journalists find you when they research-related topics. In short, “take the extra step and think outside the box,” says Robyn.

Top 3 Social Listening Tips from Robyn Lindars

#1. Social listening is for everyone 

You don’t need a big budget to use social listening to your advantage. While paid tools like NetBase are great, a simple look at Google Trends can help you. Robyn even sets Google alerts for topics she wants to keep a pulse on.  

#2. Any brand, big or small can benefit from social listening 

Small companies can actually be more nimble, they can implement changes based on social listening more quickly. 

#3. Don’t focus on your brand only 

Businesses should look at their brand as well as the larger universe around it. You shouldn’t have a me-centric perspective when doing social listening, explains Robyn.

The Hidden Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is an often overlooked social media. But while Instagram isn’t searchable and doesn’t direct much traffic to your website, Pinterest is a search engine of its own. And it works for every industry. Robyn suggests you make your website content Pinterest-friendly using tools such as Adobe Spark. She explains that, on Pinterest, people save things for later and then get back to it, creating a sustainable flow to her website. 

In a similar fashion, Robyn recommends business owners keep SEO in mind as they build their website to avoid having to do the work afterward. Most website developers aren’t SEO-savvy, she warns, so try to find that special person from the beginning!

Robyn has already built a GrillGirl empire – and she’s not stopping. Keep an eye out for her upcoming podcast and magazine. And make sure to try out all of her recipes, we guarantee you you’ll be hungry after listening to this episode.

“Being a woman in a male-dominated field allowed me to cut through a lot of noise” – Robyn Lindars

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Getting Press
  • PR
  • Pinterest
  • SEO
  • WordPress

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