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116: Dennis Yu Talks Clubhouse, SEO and Snapchat

You should have heard of Clubhouse (and Dennis Yu) by now. While the brand new social media platform is still in beta testing, it’s already being talked about by all. However, you might not be on Clubhouse yet. Why? It’s invite-only. So what exactly is this audio-only platform all about? And how can you use it to build your brand and following? Tune into this episode to learn all there is to know about the app that’s taking 2021 by storm, from the one and only Dennis Yu.

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sat down with Clubhouse famous Dennis Yu, a digital marketer, speaker, and agency builder who is the Chief Technical Officer of ChiroRevenue, a digital marketing company that helps chiropractors with their online marketing efforts. Dennis started 2021 on Clubhouse. At first, he thought he didn’t need yet another social media platform. But like many others, he found himself fascinated by the content and addicted to his follower increase. Listen to this episode to find out how you can grow your following on clubhouse (if you’re lucky enough to be invited!)

Why Is Clubhouse So Successful?

Clubhouse is only in beta testing, yet it’s already talked about by everyone who matters in the field. According to Dennis, Clubhouse is a place for people to be public speakers. Because of COVID-19, public speaking engagements have been canceled and people are isolated. Instead, they’re turning to Clubhouse to fill that need and share their knowledge or build their brand.

In beta testing, Clubhouse only allows a million people, via invite-only. That exclusivity is part of the appeal. In turn, it attracts people who want to be successful through sharing their knowledge and learning from others. Clubhouse is audio-only and sessions cannot be recorded. That, too, adds to the feeling of exclusivity and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How To Build a Following on Clubhouse

After spending only a couple of weeks on the app, Dennis has already built thousands of valuable connections. Here are his tips for you to do the same:

  • Advance notice

If you’re trying to promote your Clubhouse room, ping people who have lots of followers. 

Indeed, when they join your room, their followers will get a notification, bringing new people to you. 

  • Make people moderators. 

When someone is a moderator, they almost always gain new followers, incentivizing them to stay in your room for as long as possible. For example, Dennis gained 650 followers in a couple of hours, by just being a moderator in a room.

  • Optimize your bio and profile.

There are two bios on Clubhouse. One of them is short and should only be a couple of sentences. The long one is where you want to add details about why you’re worth talking to, your accomplishments, who you know, where you’ve been featured, and your usual bio items. Doing this will let people know who you are and they will immediately know if they want to follow you.

Optimize Your Clubhouse Experience

Your Clubhouse experience is defined by two things: who you are and who you know.  When joining, ask yourself two questions:

❓ What do you want? When joining a room, people will ask you what you want to know, what questions you have. When being a moderator, they’ll ask you what you want from the audience.

❓ What can you do to help? Clubhouse is a great opportunity to share connections and knowledge so make sure you know what you want to share with people.

Additionally, Lisa recommends being super clear on who you follow and the topics you’re interested in when you sign up. Don’t be too scattered in your interests. Another tip from Dennis is to share you’re on Clubhouse on other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

That’s a lot of advice, we know, and the episode has even more! Lisa and Dennis also discuss why old school SEO will be back in 2021, so make sure to tune it for that as well!

“I think of Clubhouse as a mirror” – Dennis Yu

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

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  • SEO
  • Snapchat
  • Audio media
  • Podcasting

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