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115: Using Pop Culture to Create Superfans: Brianne Fleming

What do marketing and pop culture have in common? That’s what Brianne Fleming is trying to show the world! Being a fan herself, she realized that boy bands and other artists were able to build a following of superfans who were dedicated to their brand. And that’s when it clicked: marketers should take inspiration from pop culture. Since then, Brianne has been coaching brands to use the power of content to turn ordinary customers into passionate superfans. And in this episode, she tells us how!

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer had an insightful conversation with Brianne Fleming, marketing consultant, blogger, course creator, and podcast host of Making the Brand where she discusses marketing lessons inspired by pop culture. She is also an instructor of branding and social media at the University of Florida, teaching students how to build strong online communities. Brianne is all about incorporating pop culture into her marketing classes and her social media presence. She even hosts a Twitter chat called PopChat every Friday!

Social Media Trends for 2021

When asked what she believed 2021 would bring in terms of social media trends, Brianne Fleming immediately answered “nostalgia.” She says a lot of industries, like sports, have very little to promote because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead, they’re turning to nostalgia to recycle old content that has proven to work. With everyone turning to the “before times,” this is a winning strategy!

Brianne also expects to see more brand collaborations, especially between personal brands and businesses. With little to share with the world, it is vital for brands to join forces if they want to create momentum around their social media content.

Pop Culture and Social Media

 Another trend Brianne is expecting for 2021 is the rise of pop culture references. Again, when there is very little to talk about and share about your businesses, inserting yourself in the global discourses and referencing pop culture is a way to engage your community. 

To Brianne, pop culture is a way to make everything more interesting. When she teaches at the University of Florida, she incorporates pop culture into her syllabus. Indeed, she realized that teaching her students about marketing using things they already love was the best way to get them engaged. 

How to Keep Up With Innovations

We all know innovations, new platforms and overall changes in the industry are coming at us fast. So how do we adapt? According to Brianne, it’s all about being ready. She says that we cannot predict what the future will hold but no matter what types of innovations or platforms appear, we need to remember that it will always be about making content for real people. No matter the platform, a human being is using it so incorporate empathy and you will be prepared for what’s to come. 

Brianne is fascinating. Her work is at the nexus of pop culture, marketing, and teaching so we can never learn enough from her! Listen to this episode for more social media, marketing, and digital communication tips.

I realized I could teach my students about marketing using things they already loved” – Brianne Fleming

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