Alexis Dean helping female entrepreneurs
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110: How Alexis Dean Gives Female Entrepreneurship a Safe Haven

If you ask Alexis Dean, the future is female.

She is the CEO and founder of Dovetail Communities, an organization dedicated to nurturing and cultivating female entrepreneurs from around the world. Based in Canada, Alexis Dean spends her days lifting other business women higher with her personalized videos, daily audio messages, weekly community meet-ups, monthly events, and hopefully back to in-person masterminds where wonder women meet.

Her recent Linked post inspired me to interview Alexis and share her energy and inspiration for other female professionals to not be afraid to pivot, don’t be the smartest one in the room, and don’t be afraid to share your story.

Alexis Dean: Mastermind of Meaningful Community Engagement

“2020 was the year of the pivot, the year of rising to the occasion, and the year of stepping up your leadership to guide your team and clients through this wild ride.

My highlight of the year was leading The Dovetail Community Mastermind, seeing our members support one another, learn from one another and our guest experts, and grow together through this tumultuous year.”

Dovetail Community Women on the Move

Kelly Ann sold her distillery and launched a cannabis beverage company and bar, Jennifer expanded her sustainable spa product business to more international retailers, Deb sold her software business and launched a furniture company, Zoe doubled the size of her agency, and Mitzi grew the eCommerce side of her iconic children’s shoe company – and launched a powerful community of leaders in her industry! I could go on and on (and on) and share even more stories from our amazing members… Most importantly, they were there for each other through it all; through all of the highs, and all of the lows of this year.

“There is so much power and strength in surrounding yourself with the right women entrepreneurs. Join us for an unforgettable year of connection, community, growth, and impact.”

About Alexis Dean

Alexis Dean is the Founder and Lead Steward of The Dovetail Community, a global mastermind community of high-performing women entrepreneurs. 

With seventeen years of experience and education as a professional community builder, consultant, educator, and speaker, Alexis has worked in 21 countries with more than 150 corporate teams, non-profits, school faculties.

In her free time, Alexis can be found skiing, hiking, paddling canoes, swimming in lakes and rivers, and planning her next adventure. Read more about Alexis Dean in her media interviews with Female Disruptors and the BBC.