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Self-Care Gift Guide for Less Stress, More Sleep and Better Mindset

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2020 made self-care a necessity. In honor of taking charge of your true self, here is a holiday gift guide based on a few of my favorite things while in work from home mode. 

Work from home. Eat from home. Drink from home.

This year, the holidays will be different. 


Aren’t you sick of hearing that by now?

Of course, most holiday parties will be virtual and your family and loved ones might not be able to be all gathered for a toasty cheer or the home for the holiday’s eye roll. 

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t spoil those around you and most importantly, yourself. From productivity tools for the entrepreneur in your life to wellness products for the colleague who needs a break from Zoom fatigue, I’ve got you covered!


My back-saving office chair puts posture first

All33 chair for a holiday gift for your entrepreneur

I never realized how unhealthy my West Elm office chair really was until I made the switch to ALL33 Backstrong.

It’s not because Justin Bieber or Cindy Crawford love it. The ALL33 BackStrong aligns all 33 of your vertebrae to create proper posture and relieve pain while you sit. If you have to sit, why not do it in a chair that will help you sit better, move better, stand better, and feel better? Use my special code [DigitalDetoxSecret] for an extra $50 off the chair (and the proper posture) you deserve! 

While a lot of people are still working remotely, most of us haven’t upgraded our home to office standards. And, unfortunately, our posture is suffering from it. The chairs from All33 not only help people sit better, but they also help them live better. This is the perfect gift for the sit-aholic in your life!

Designed by Dr. Dennis Colonello, the trusted chiropractor for Shaq, Tom Hanks, Justin Bieber, and many others He created the ALL33 BackStrong chair because he was tired of seeing patients return time after time with back problems caused by SITTING he ALL33 

Backstrong starts at $799. Use my special code [DigitalDetoxSecret] for an extra $50 off.

Brain superpower. A wearable device for stress relief

Apollo for an entrepreneur holiday gift

The neuro vibe for your mood, Apollo is life-changing. It’s like my security blanket by day and night.  Coupled with the mobile app, the device ensures you’re rested, focused, relaxed, and healthy through innovative vibration-based technology. 

All you have to do is put the Apollo on your wrist or ankle, select the mode on the app, and feel the gentle vibrations balance your mind and body. And the reviews don’t lie: “I’ve been using the Apollo for about 5 months and really notice a difference in how I cope with stress. My sleep is better, I feel more rested,” said one customer.

The device costs $349 and ships within 10 days. 

Explore the most advanced all-in-one VR system for 2021

oculus quest on you r next holiday gift list

I pre-ordered my Oculus Quest 2 in September and am all geared up for 2021. If you want to meet me in the new reality of AR/VR, you can connect with me. In the meantime here’s the link to find out all you need to know about Oculus Quest 2. Immerse yourself in meditation, content creation and meet-ups like never before.

Functional Music to improve sleep, focus, and meditation

Entrepreneur Holiday gift of Brain.FM

I love the word functional almost as much as optimized. My friends at Brain.FM believes the music you listen to should support your goals. That’s why they create new music to help people be more productive, relaxed, or get better sleep. Brain.FM is a science first company and the results are impressive!

A book and a podcast to detox your day

Digital Detox Secrets podcast and book perfect for your entrepreneur to detox

Could we get more wired than 2020? Unplugging seemed like not an option but there is hope. I curated the best tips from some of the most famous digital detox experts and rising stars on the planet.

Shameless plug since I am the author and host of this gift that keeps on giving. Productivity is important, but it can’t be achieved without feeling good, both in body and mind. Digital Detox Secrets: How to Create Space in Your Life for Health, Happiness, Opportunity, and Productivity combines advice from experts, lessons drawn from personal experiences, and solutions for the struggles brought by the digital age.

The book is available for $14.46 on Amazon and is best complemented by the Digital Detox Secrets Podcast, accessible for free online.


The only 100% Organic water-soluble CBD on earth

Ojai Energetics Wellness Holiday Gift

This elixir is the superpower. I cook with the CBD coconut oil every day and the Sports Gel is my “go-to” for post-yoga and gym recovery.

Ojai Energetics makes the only 100% organic water-soluble CBD-rich hemp elixir on the market. CEO and Founder Will Kleidon made this product possible. The line of products come loaded with superfoods, free of synthetic compounds, and fast-acting. The ethical company offers a whole range of products, from CBD coconut oil to CBD sports gel, and can be used in a variety of ways.

Available online for $74.95.

Every day is a spa day with this 4-step system, I swear by

Spa DR Daily essentials gift guide

Spa Dr. Skin (daily essentials) I met Dr. Trevor Cates, Spa Dr. CEO and founder, at a mastermind meeting in 2018. We shared a ride to the airport and she gave me a box of samples. All my like I have jumped from one brand to another because I like trying different things and none ever really felt worth rebuying. Until Spa Dr. came into my life. I use all 4 essentials every morning like brushing my teeth. My aesthetician immediately noticed a positive difference in my congestion, skin tone, pore size, texture, and a slight setback in time, a hint more of youthful skin.

I have been using this religiously for two years now. Give it a try, you will like looking in the mirror more. Don’t believe me? Check out the 345 five-star reviews.

Spa Dr. Skin ($199 at the time of publication)

My meditation course, unique for me and YOU

Mind Unlocked Meditation holiday gift

Mind: Unlocked has revolutionized meditation practice. Their program offers practical tools to make you more grounded and more effective when meditating. The goal is to learn how to meditate so as to be more present and energetic at work and sleeping better.

The online program is available for $247, but get 20% off using the promo code “BUYER20”, valid through 2020.


The guilt-free wine for any diet, almost

dry farm wines is the perfect holiday gift

It’s getting harder and harder to come across natural, unprocessed wine. Dry Farm Wines has the solution. They curate the best family-produced, all-natural wines, and lab tests them to ensure the highest standards of purity. Natural wines can be keto-friendly, low in sugar, and avoid next morning headaches. 

Reviews include “I feel amazing this morning even though I indulged in wine last night… Thank you Dry Farm Wines! I’m amazed that I can enjoy a good natural wine that allows me to stick to my diet,” and “I can finally drink wine again! For the first time in over 30 days, I had a glass of wine. I’m now only drinking Dry Farm Wines. They’re amazing. The quality, the taste, it’s wonderful.” You can order all their offerings online.

The ultimate drink for balance and harmony

I’m partial to LifeAid Hemp. Partly because its proprietary CBD formula is by Ojai Energetics.  LifeAid is no ordinary energy drink. All fourteen of their products provide targeted health benefits such as workout recovery, immunity boost, or vitality boosts.

Buy a subscription for your loved one, and see the results immediately: they’ll have more energy, will feel more balanced, and healthier. The beverages and subscription plans are available online

Business and Events

Something to please any entrepreneur or digital marketer

Evergreen profits for any entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs love The Hustle and Flowchart podcast. Well, the incredible duo no has a membership. For $59 a year, the entrepreneur in your life will get The Evergreens Profit Letter, the Digital Episode Companions as well as an exclusive podcast series, Thriving in Uncertain Times.

Get the membership for a loved one here.

A convention pass for a podcast lover 

2021 podfest

Podfest is THE place to be when it comes to podcasting and video storytelling. Every year, it brings together thousands of podcasters, entrepreneurs, and speakers to form one of the best communities in the industry.

A pass for Podfest 2021, which will be taking place June 10-13 in Orlando, FL), is the perfect gift for anyone passionate or interested in podcasting! 

Social media online conferencessocial fest, the perfect social media conference for any entrepreneur

Social Fresh is one of the top social media marketers and business owners conference in the business. Every year, attendees leave with new connections and extended knowledge. Social Fresh now offers its conferences as online courses.

Social Fresh X is a three-day intensive course, with lessons ranging from building brands in uncertain times to the future of marketing after COVID. Gift it for $497 here.

The ultimate secret to getting more done in less time

outsource school

Outsource School is a platform helping busy business owners get more done while working less. With their membership, your loved one will learn how to outsource part of their business by learning the best hiring process. They will be guided in implementing it, learn all about RSOPs and marketing, and receive software, sharable SOP, and support.

You can buy the membership for $997/year. 

A virtual conference for an SEO geek

SEJ eSummit

The Search Engine Journal eSummit will be the place to be to learn more about SEO this January. According to their website, attendees will “learn the latest and greatest trends, topics, tactics, and strategies in SEO, PPC, social media, and content marketing.”

It’s not to miss and is the perfect gift for any business owner or social media and marketing pro. Register for the entire conference for $150 only.

A conference to expand on digital marketing skills

cyber week pubcon for entrepreneurs

I bet you can’t just go to one. Since I have been going every year for 13 years you can bet this conference is addictive and worth it.  PubCon offers educational sessions for all marketing and web specialists. From social media and SEO to SEM and email marketing, the conference offers in-depth knowledge of the new trends in the industry. 

Buy a registration for the marketing lover in your life, for only $149. 

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We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, Lisa Buyer and/or 
The Buyer Group may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.