Why meetings suck, with Cameron Herold
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106: Why do Meetings Suck? Cameron Herold Tells All

Let’s face it, Zoom meetings suck. How can we optimize in the new normal and beyond? What are the time management skills you should teach your employees? What’s the perfect meeting length? In this episode, best selling author, keynote speakers, and CEO and founder of COO Alliance, Cameron Herold shares how to implement efficient work habits.

In this new episode of the Social PR Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sits down with the “CEO Whisperer,” Cameron Herold. Cameron grew up in an entrepreneurial household and has been an entrepreneur since his college days. He has founded multiple companies and is the author of five books. He has been coaching entrepreneurs for more than three decades and currently leads the world’s only network for seconds in command, COO Alliance. Listen to learn more about Cameron’s tips and tricks on workplace efficiency.

People, time, and money

According to Cameron Herold, an efficient business comes down to doing everything with intention. When you run a business, you’re working with three inputs: people, time, and money. The goal is to get the highest output from that. With people, you want to make sure you’re hiring or outsourcing players. Indeed, one A player can replace three Cs. Good employees should be able to self-manage, be self-accountable. They want to ask themselves the right questions and are hungry for learning, so they grow themselves every day.

As a CEO, you need to make sure people are working on the right things and know what you are expecting in terms of results. Lastly, you need to grow their skills and confidence. Think of it as employees walking up two ladders simultaneously. Without skills, their confidence will not grow. Without confidence, their skills will be useless. In terms of time, always think about how much time you want to spend doing something, not how long you think something will take.

The Perfect Meeting

According to Cameron Herold the perfect meeting:

  • Starts on time
  • Finishes five minutes before the scheduled end time
  • Is booked for half the time you initially thought booking it for
  • Has a purpose, outcome, and agenda in the meeting notes
  • Only involves people who really have to be there and can be involved in it

Of course, these rules also apply to Zoom meetings. On Zoom, you should also require meeting participants to turn their cameras on. Email and phones should be put down and people should log in five minutes before the start time to ensure the meeting starts on time. 

Maximizing Time As a CEO

Entrepreneurs should only work on things they excel at, says Cameron. They should delegate everything, except their genius. He recommends getting rid of any tasks you’re not good at or don’t love. Additionally, make sure your employees aren’t giving you work. Instead, grow them so they can do the job. Don’t think for them, instill confidence in them so they think by themselves. If you’re a COO and want to learn more about Cameron’s management techniques, make sure to join the COO Alliance!

How to make sure you’re enjoying your free time? Why is doing everything with intention the secret behind efficient businesses? Listen to this episode to improve your daily work, and take your business to the next level!

“Meetings don’t suck, you suck at running meetings.” – Cameron Herold

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Meetings
  • Zoom
  • ROI
  • Training employees
  • Time management
  • Free PR

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