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104: Employee Engagement: What Your PR Strategy Needs with Jennifer Orechwa

Is connecting with employees a branch of public relations? How do you drive employee engagement? What are some tips for smaller companies during the employee onboarding process? In this episode, labor and employee expert Jennifer Orechwa discusses how positive employee relations are an essential aspect of your company’s public relations strategy. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets, host Lisa Buyer chats with Projections’ COO, Jennifer Orechwa about driving employee engagement with internal communications. Improving positive employee relations is one of the main goals for any company. In the new “normal” of working from home, it is more challenging than ever for employers and employees to connect on a deeper level. Listen to the latest podcast to discover tips on employee communication and team productivity. 

Tips for Smaller Businesses: Employee Communication

According to Jennifer Orechwa, the key is to communicate authentically and transparently with employees on a regular basis. Employee communication can take various forms, such as video chats, social media channels, podcasts, or a website question forum. 

Building social media channels for just employees can spur engagement rates. The easiest way to achieve this is by creating a private employee Facebook group. Jennifer further explains how productivity and clear communication stems from great leadership within the company. Jennifer says, “It is important to maintain a steady flow of communication while addressing the needs of employees.” It is evident that two-way Communication and actively listening can help small businesses make their employees feel valued. 

Ways Human Resources can Boost Public Relations

Public relations and human resources can team up to win the best and brightest minds for your company as well as create a brand culture of positivity among employee and employer relations. To Jennifer, human resources can boost public relations by creating employee advocates inside your company. It is not a secret that engaged employees are more dedicated and willing to go the extra mile. 

“Knowing who your employee advocates are can help build brand loyalty.”  – Jennifer Orechwa

In addition, the engagement of current employees can impact recruitment efforts. Human resources focus on the long-term goal, which is retaining employees for the growth and health of the company. By definition, your most engaged employees are your best public relations strategy! Those committed employees are more willing to leave positive reviews and become your brand advocate. 

Trends with Employee Communications

Jennifer explains the main trend with employee communication focuses on e-learning modules, leadership training, and addressing topics such as diversity and inclusion. There is a greater push to listen and take care of employees. Employers need to connect with their team in creative ways, such as boot camps, memorable videos, or even a healthy internal competition among staff. 

ProjectHR Podcast

Jennifer hosts the ProjectHR Podcast, which is a platform dedicated to human resources and labor relations professionals designed to provide new workplace insight and ideas. Whether you’re an experienced HR professional or a company leader who wants to engage and connect with your team, you’ll learn what’s working now from the best in the business. Listen in for more information on the ProjectHR Podcast. 

Here are Jennifer’s four tips for smaller companies just starting a podcast:

  1. Research and planning is key
  2. Know your guest well
  3. Prepare questions ahead of time for your guest 
  4. Know your theme and purpose of your podcast 

About Jennifer Orechwa

Jennifer Orechwa is COO and owner of Projections, a multi-award-winning employee communications company. In over 25 years of helping companies connect with their employees, Jennifer has gained a unique perspective on what it takes to build a culture of continuous improvement. By blending a deep understanding of labor and employee relations with powerful digital marketing knowledge, Jennifer has helped thousands of companies achieve behavioral change at a cultural level. Projections provide custom and pre-produced video, websites, and eLearning to help employers strengthen their connection with their workforce. In business since 1979, the Projections team has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 to strengthen the bond between employees and their company. 

Topics Discussed 

  • Trends with employee communications 
  • How brands can inspire teams to be more productive 
  • Ways human resources can boost public relations 
  • Engagement of current employees can impact recruitment efforts
  • Employee engagement is part of the public relations strategy

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