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99: Pubcon Speaker Tony Wright: Reputation Management During Covid-19 and More

Since his days on the frontlines of crisis management on 9/11 for American Airlines to navigate the digital communications during Covid-19, Tony Wright has expertly positioned himself to be one of the most respected experts in reputation management in this digital era. 

Maintaining a brand’s online reputation is one the most valuable public relations assets; just ask Pubcon speaker and reputation management expert Tony Wright. 

Reputation Management Secrets During COVID-19

In this episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer and Tony Wright explore reputation management strategies during a pandemic and discuss how perception is critical for your company to succeed online.

COVID-19 has single-handedly reshaped the world as we know it and has impacted all forms of businesses, large and small. Maintaining a positive reputation for your brand during a global health crisis is critical for short- and long-term success. It is essential to demonstrate to potential customers the strength and stability of your company. Tony recommends adding a note on your Google My Business listing regarding how your business handles the current pandemic. 

Also, protocol communication is of utmost importance to ensure staff and customers remain informed and safe. Tony discusses how businesses should have a crisis communication strategy and reiterate sanitization processes, increased cleansing and disinfecting efforts.  Brands should over-communicate other practical measures to protect staff and customers, such as face masks and providing hand sanitizing dispensers at your place of business. 

Safety is paramount, and a company’s reputation is more important than ever before. All in all, it is essential to monitor the situation daily, communicate with staff, and take action when necessary. Tune in to learn about additional COVID-19 reputation management strategies that will keep your business top of mind for your loyal customers. 

Reputation Management Secrets by Tony Wright

Reputation management is an essential component of any business venture. By definition, reputation management is the effort to influence or control how people perceive a brand or company. Tony discusses how bad reviews online impact small and medium-sized businesses more than larger enterprises.

“The littlest slip up on social media can turn into a PR or reputation management nightmare.” – Tony Wright

In this episode, Lisa and Tony dive into the different reputation management levels based on the company’s size. Discover how to combat a bad reputation to create a better one than ever before.

Protecting Your Company on Search Engine Results

Tune in for strategies and tactics that B2B companies can use to protect their website and brand in search results. Tony states the first approach is to monitor what’s going on accurately with your business online. It is important to note that this approach differs for each company. Tony mentions how you should not be focused on your competitors and what they are doing to generate positive feedback. Another tactic is to concentrate on building a foundation to garner positive reviews online. The trick is not to focus on negative reviews, but instead, focus on your business practices, which will generate positive customer feedback.

The Right Way to Ask for a Review

Tony mentions incentivizing for a review is sometimes acceptable depending on the circumstance. A creative way to increase Google Reviews is to enter those who already left a review in a drawing for a prize. Another way to generate additional company reviews is by sending a simple email asking customers who already purchased a product or service to leave a review.

Pubcon Fullstack Marketing Conference

Tony has an upcoming Pubcon session to help businesses thrive online. He has participated in this conference for almost 20 years. Pubcon is a conference to help businesses with search and social media marketing. This conference works to present the world’s leading search content. Learn more about this upcoming event on this episode of Social PR Secrets.

Updated Conference Dates:

  •       October 12-13 Pubcon Masters Group Workshops
  •       October 14-15 Pubcon Pro Virtual and Virtual Vendor Hall

More About Tony Wright

With more than 21 years of hands-on and strategic experience in interactive marketing and a background in traditional and interactive public relations and journalism, Tony Wright, CEO and Founder of WrightIMC has spent his career helping businesses of all sizes be profitable on the Web.

Tony is a search marketing expert with extensive experience in online crisis communication and brand reputation strategy, including corporate blogging and corporate monitoring, most notably directing the online corporate reputation management strategy for American Airlines immediately following the events of September 11, 2001. Wright has twice served as President of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Search Marketing Association is a sought-after speaker at industry events, including SMX, Search Engine Strategies, Pubcon, and others. Tune in to this episode and learn more about Tony’s career stories and industry insight.

Topics Discussed:

  • Negative reviews online can cause a decrease in revenue for businesses.
  • Reputation management is a key to online success.  
  • Reputation management during COVID-19.
  • It is essential to monitor how your company is perceived online.

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