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98: How to Get Chased by the Press with Adrian Salamunovic 

How can you quickly get press coverage? What should PR agencies do to get PR for their own firm? Should you launch your own podcast? In this episode, Free PR author Adrian Salamunovic shares his tips and insights on how to get big press by spending little money. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer and PR genius Adrian Salamunovic sat down to discuss Free PR hacks. Adrian is a pro on the topic – his book, Free PR, is an Amazon #1 bestseller. Adrian is all about using the power of Free PR to bring businesses to the next level. His techniques generate millions of impressions and drive new revenue without spending money on outside firms. Listen to take your business to the next level without spending a dollar. 


Adrian’s book is a bible for any business. Whether you’re doing in-house PR or decide to leave it to the pros, you will get invaluable knowledge from it. Interestingly enough, Adrian says the book works best hand-in-hand with Lisa’s own book, Social PR Secrets. Andrew’s methods have helped grow businesses from zero to eight figures, using almost no ads. Free PR can help you if:

⭐️ You want to hire a PR agency. Having foundations is central to having a good relationship with your agency. If you’re educated about PR, you’re making it easier for both yourself and the agency. What’s more, it also allows you to hold the firm accountable!

⭐️ You decide to in-source PR. Adrian Salamunovic recommends finding a hustler in your company. They don’t have to know much about PR, but they should be driven. Making them read the book will ensure they get the best results for your business.

⭐️ You just launched your business. With very little money to spend, Free PR will be your ultimate bible. 

PR for PR

When asked how PR agencies can get press coverage for themselves, Adrian gave three main pieces of advice. 

  1. Become a contributing writer.

Building a relationship with a publication as a contributing writer gives you a regular source of credibility. You can target a specific audience by carefully choosing the publication, and it provides you clips to share.

  1. Be a guest on podcasts.

Less time consuming, podcasts are a great source of free PR. You need a mic, and because you are an expert on your topic, you don’t even have to prepare! Once the episode is published, you can repurpose it and post it across your social channels. 

  1. Write a book

This one is a labor of love and takes months in the making. But having your own book gives you an asset you can use. You can send it as gifts or make sure clients are aligned with your philosophy. Adrian says that when people read your book, they are instantly ready to hire you. In turn, you don’t even have to give them reasons why they should work with you – they already want to!

Little Efforts for Big Rewards

It is no secret the PR world often disagrees on a number of issues. One topic Lisa and Adrian Salamunovic feel differently about is small vs. big press appearances. To Andrew, getting your name out or an appearance in a big media requires the same amount of effort than working with your local newspaper or radio station. But big media will create a much bigger trickle-down effect and lead to many more people hearing about your brand. “Go big or go home.” On the other hand, Lisa believes that small outlets are invaluable sources of publicity. She thinks they’re easier to get and give you clips you can then use to get bigger outlets. 

At the end of the episode, Adrian gave listeners a call to action. He says one easy thing you can do today to improve your PR strategy is creating a look-alike list. Find out about companies that complement you but don’t directly compete with you. Then, find out the media coverage they have gotten. Look up journalists and pitch them your idea. Chances are they will be interested.

Why is Sliply such an important tool? Should you only go after PR opportunities that align with your brand? How can you get featured on a podcast? Listen to this episode to understand how your business can get the most out of simple Free PR techniques. 

“Lead with value.” – Adrian Salamunovic 

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Getting featured on podcasts
  • Writing a book
  • The PR Flywheel 
  • Brand journalism 
  • Authenticity

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