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95: HubSpot’s Meghan Keaney Anderson – Future Trends in Digital Marketing

What’s the secret to HubSpot’s success? According to HubSpot’s VP of Marketing Meghan Keaney Anderson, it’s putting clients at forefront of your business! At the end of the day, clients and customers should always come first. HubSpot’s overarching mission is to empower customers and provide educational tools that drive long-term success.

In this forward-thinking episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer explores upcoming digital marketing trends and more with Meghan Keaney Anderson, Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot. Meghan shares her insights and understandings of the PR industry and discusses how to provide value to customers.

For those just starting out in digital marketing world or desiring to learn future marketing tactics give this episode a listen!

What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a leading client relationship management (CRM) platform with thousands of customers around the world. HubSpot provides the tools and integrations for business owners to scale up efficiently using inbound marketing, sales, and customer service applications. Whether you want to increase leads, accelerate the sales cycle, streamline client services, or build a website that converts, HubSpot does it all!

As Vice President of Marketing, Meghan leads the creative and editorial, product marketing and academy teams for HubSpot. Together with her various teams, she is responsible for HubSpot’s brand, podcast, and overall editorial content as well as the company’s product launch and positioning strategy.

“HubSpot is a CRM platform that has all the tools your customer-facing team would need to engage with customers. There’s a marketing hub, sales hub, and a customer service hub.” – Meghan Keaney Anderson

Lisa Buyer remarks on the educational resources HubSpot offers for free as a means to build strong customer relationships. Tune in to find out how Lisa uses educational services, such as HubSpot Academy, to help strengthen her team of public relations professionals.

HubSpot’s INBOUND 2020 Virtual Conference

INBOUND is traditionally a three day, in-person conference for business professionals in a multitude of industries, and includes inspirational keynote speakers, breakout sessions, collaborative activities, exclusive product launches, and more. The conference is an excellent opportunity to spark creativity and grow your network.

However, this year INBOUND moved to a fully digital event as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis.

“One of the nice things about the format that we had this year is all of a sudden we could be a global event, a truly global event with programming that ran around the clock.” – Meghan Keaney Anderson

Listen in to discover how HubSpot created the virtual version of INBOUND. This virtual shift is challenging the notion that in-person events are the only choice for large-scale conferences.

Having a Foundation to Understand Customers

Trust is an essential element between customers and companies. An easy way to establish trust with your clients is to understand what your customers value. See your business through the eyes of your customers to truly master the art of creating value. Ask yourself how you can benefit your clients.

This podcast dives into numerous ways to add value using marketing tactics, such as inbound marketing, improving customer satisfaction, and creating content that is meaningful. Lisa and Meghan both touch on the importance of inbound marketing regarding reducing friction with potential customers. 

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to your business via content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and branding. Examples include blogs, web-based seminars, Ebooks, and more! This is an effective strategy to provide value to potential customers while building trust and rapport.

In this podcast discover the origins of Inbound marketing and listen to Meghan dive into an in-depth analysis on how to create value for your customers.

Future Trends with Meghan Keaney Anderson

Find out how B2B and B2C buying experiences have the potential to change due to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses and customers are gravitating towards companies with a defined set of principles and values. Meghan also discusses seamless experiences that build customer and brand loyalty.

Topics Discussed

  • Pivoting from in-person conference to virtual 
  • Hubspot’s Inbound 2020 virtual conference
  • Having a foundation to understand customers
  • Reducing friction for your customer
  • Changes in B2B buying experience

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