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91: Sarah Evans Digital PR Innovation

What’s new in digital PR? How to adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape? In an industry where tools, trends, and strategies evolve every few days, it can be hard to keep up with the latest innovations. Listen to this episode of Social PR Secrets to catch up on everything PR and Social Media related, with the help of Social PR specialist Sarah Evans. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer talks with Sarah Evans (@PRSarahEvans), one of the first PR professionals to have understood the importance of social media. Self-described as practical and tactical, Sarah knows all about the industry and understands its complexities and ever-changing trends. Sarah has always made it a point to share her knowledge, whether on her social media or with the media.

Innovative: The State of Digital PR

When asked about the current state of PR, Sarah Evans said, “The way I view PR hasn’t changed, the way we do it did.” To her, PR is still about keeping people coming back. PR is what connects people to your brand. Public relations, according to Sarah, is done over time; it brings comprehensive touches to a brand. It’s essential to invest in it, whether that be through an outside agency or within your company. PR should be involved in all parts of your business. 

When asked about her advice for new companies starting PR, Sarah’s first word was “SEO.” She says startups need to invest in SEO. While a press release will have the what, who, when, why, SEO and PR will allow sharing that information better. PR is about finding all the ways you can make that resonate. As a PR professional, Sarah is always looking for the next big thing, the best innovation. That’s especially true when it comes to how content is shared. She always asks herself, “How can I be uniquely sharing things?”

Sarah thinks of herself as practical and tactical. When she has a brilliant idea she actively works to execute it. Her latest big idea is her newsletter, where she will release a culmination of the tools she and strategies she has built over the past eleven years. Readers can build up their own influence and gain more media opportunities. 

Very Confusing: The State of Social Media

If she had to describe social media in one word, Sarah Evans would say “very confusing.” To her, there are just too many platforms with too many options. A brand cannot expect to use all of them. To simplify the social media landscape, Sarah has started sharing handbooks, visuals to save people time. The first version of it can be found here.

How can you set clients’ expectations? What’s the best way to get to know journalists? Is Tik Tok actually relevant? Listen to this episode of Social PR Secrets to get up to speed on the latest social media and PR trends, coming from two PR insiders!

“The best way to build influence is by building it for others first.” – Sarah Evans

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Public Relations
  • PR agencies
  • SEO
  • Press releases
  • Social Media
  • TikTok, Twitter
  • Self-care
  • Response time to media 

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