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87: Samuel Brake Guia on Podcasting for PR

In this episode of Social PR Secrets, Lisa Buyer sits down with Samuel Brake Guia, a technology writer turned passionate podcaster who hosts Brains Byte Back and Loudspeaker from his home base in Medellin, Colombia. Samuel fell in love with podcasting after binging one by his favorite comedian, which gave him the idea to start one for the company he works for, The Sociable. Two years later, he’s hosted NASA engineers, congressional candidates, and the Vice President of McAfee and explores his passion for technology, psychology, and PR through a medium he adores. 

Samuel Brake Guia’s innate curiosity is a strength for him when he hosts podcasts. He likes to ask questions, dissect the answers, and dig into a topic with his guests. How does he prepare for such hard-hitting, factual conversations on his show?

Podcast on the Air Anxiety?

Listen to his tips on how to conduct better interviews and format your podcast. Ever felt anxious before a show? Samuel and Lisa discuss ways to help your guests, and yourself, with pre-show nerves, so they’re relaxed enough to engage in productive dialogue that will interest your audience. 

“I think the thing that makes me such a passionate podcast host is the fact that I’m so inquisitive. I have a real passion for learning and I want to speak to people and learn.” – Samuel Brake Guia

Podcast Technology Trends

While the conversations may be fun and easy, it’s everything else that goes into podcasting that slows Samuel Brake Guia down. Pair that with a pandemic that disrupted his usual content schedule, and you’ve got a guy that’s had to do a bit of experimenting to find exactly what works. Listen for his recommendations on what technology to use, how he records and edits his shows, and strategic ways to schedule production, so there’s a consistent stream of content. 

Why is podcasting such a useful tool for PR? 

According to Samuel, it’s because it’s the one medium where you can be yourself. To be able to hear the inflection in someone’s voice and understand what they mean makes it a much more personable medium than other marketing tools. In this episode, he explains how his company uses this to their advantage to promote their work. 

Podcast guesting

He also gives his advice on how to market podcasts to audiences that will be genuinely interested in what you have to say—trying to get onto a podcast? Samuel Brake Guia has some words of wisdom for how to cultivate that relationship best and help your pitches succeed. 

Topics Discussed

  • Samuel’s story with podcasting
  • Why Samuel loves podcasting
  • How podcasting works for PR
  • How to make a guest feel more comfortable on the show
  • What technology to use for recording and editing
  • How to get into podcasting
  • How to get onto a podcast

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