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76: Joe Fier: How to Be The Best Connector and More

What does Malcolm Gladwell and Joe Fier have in common? They both define the ability to be a connector. You might know someone with the born talent to span many different worlds, subcultures and niches. They might be lucky enough to have traits such as energy, insatiable curiosity and a willingness to take chances. How can you be the world’s best connector? Joe Fier says it’s essential to start by actually listening to your audience, so you’re able to connect them with products that address their needs!

On this episode of Social PR Secrets, host Lisa Buyer sat down with podcaster and entrepreneur Joe Fier. Joe is the co-founder of Evergreen Profits. There, he created The Hustle and Flowchart Podcast with co-founder Matt Wolfe. Every week, Joe and Matt sit down with the most successful icons in the world and delve into the secrets behind their achievements. The duo has cultivated a massive community with the podcast, which they connect within their Facebook group. By connecting with their community over social media, Joe and Matt are able to really get to know their listeners and find out how they do what they do and access actionable takeaways.

In the episode, Joe explains how the podcast started as a way to put out their best content for free and evolved into the heart of their brand identity. He and Lisa discuss affiliate marketing — why it doesn’t deserve its bad rep and how you can use it to actually provide value to your audience while making a profit. They talk about the power of leaning into your network, especially when starting a new project. Joe shares the social networks and podcasting tools that have helped him the most. Listen to the episode to learn about the systems Joe uses to work less and make more!

“Being the connector is super valuable.” – Joe Fier

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The origin story of the Hustle and Flow podcast
  • The benefits of a physical newsletter
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Being a connector
  • How to lean into your network to grow
  • Closing open loops
  • Picking the right clients for you
  • The social networks that work best for Joe
  • Facebook groups
  • Making personalized videos for clients and guest
  • Joe’s favorite tools for podcasting
  • The growing importance of Spotify

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