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73: Kevin Milani Lessons on Google Ads, Digital Detox and Collaboration 

What role does content play in Google Ads? According to Kevin Milani, nowadays using trustworthy and authentic content can be more successful than landing pages!

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, host Lisa Buyer sat down with award-winning Search Engine Marketing expert and PPC advertiser Kevin Milani. If you want to understand Google Ads, Kevin is the man to talk to. In 2019, he and his team were awarded the top skills scores in the Americas for Google Ads. He started mastering the field 15 years ago while working for After tripling their sales in less than six months, he made a commitment to himself to become the best in the world at Google Ads. Now, he’s an industry expert and the Chief Digital Marketing Officer at MQ&C, a research-driven advertising firm in Austin, Texas.

Optimizing Google Ads Words

In the episode, Lisa and Kevin discuss how to utilize Google Ads for the top of your funnel, why authentic content has become so essential, and how using keywords in search campaigns can triple organic traffic. Kevin describes the three buckets of optimization and why it’s vital to be open and willing to test plenty of new, creative ideas. He explains the growing importance of YouTube ads and why they should be constantly refreshed and improved, even if they’re performing well. Kevin delves into Bing, too: How it differs from Google and what kind of companies should be utilizing it and how. Wondering how to advertise for a client in the cannabis industry? Kevin reveals the “work-arounds” he uses to drive traffic to products that offend Google, like CBD. 

Kevin Milani’s Digital Detox Secrets 

Then, Lisa and Kevin discuss health and wellness and Kevin talks about training for Strongman and finding SteadyMD. Lastly, Kevin gives advice. He elucidates why collaboration is crucial and why companies should stop separating marketing channels into silos. 

Confused about attribution? Want to learn how a small search campaign for keywords can give you valuable insights into who your customers are? Listen to the episode to hear Kevin break down the tips and tricks every digital marketer should know about Google Ads!

“Within Google, it seems people don’t want to be sold the way we’ve been selling them for the past 10, 15 years. People are more interested in content and authenticity.” – Kevin Milani

Kevin Milani topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Kevin’s awards
  • How he got into Google Ads
  • Attribution
  • Path reports
  • How Kevin uses keywords to get customer insights
  • How to use Google Ads for the top of the funnel
  • The importance of display
  • Why articles can work better than landing pages
  • What works well on YouTube
  • How his search campaigns can triple organic traffic
  • The three buckets of optimization
  • Why micro testing is essential
  • How machine learning has changed Google Ad campaigns
  • Who should utilize Bing and how they can
  • Workarounds for clients in the cannabis industry
  • Kevin’s health and wellness
  • What Strongman is
  • His advice to those starting out
  • Why he takes a “crawl, walk, run” approach to Google Ad campaigns
  • Kevin’s advertising agency
  • The importance of collaboration

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