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67: Jilea Hemmings Talks Entrepreneurship and Startups

How do you run a startup or decide to become an entrepreneur? Multi-business owner and author Jilea Hemmings found the way simply by trying to solve the issues in her life and in the lives of those around her. 

In this episode of the Social PR Secrets, host Lisa Buyer spoke with Jilea Hemmings the author of “The Untold Truth of Building a Startup” and owner of Stretchy Hair Care. Jilea has started multiple businesses in her life. The very first business came about when her son was diagnosed with autism and she learned the importance of having a healthy diet. As a solution, Jilea began making healthy meatless meals and sharing them on neighbors and friends before becoming the national brand, Greenie Tots. As any young entrepreneurs do, Jila got the itch to start something new and begin a new venture, but there were challenges she faced that she didn’t have knowledge of before. 

During the episode, Jilea talks to Lisa about her struggles with limited knowledge in the marketing aspects of starting and expanding a business. When Jilea began her second venture Leaf Tyime, she got caught up in the grandiose ideas told to her by an investor. Unfortunately, the bad investor in the company cost her a lot of money and opportunities and didn’t take the cannabis research resource to the heights she saught. Thankfully, one failed attempt didn’t kill Jilea’s entrepreneurial spirit. Along with starting a new business, Jilea wrote a book to help any startups or growing business owners to learn from her mistakes and go into the capitalization experience with greater knowledge to navigate the world. The book has 17 lessons including setting limits on personal capital investments as well as social media marketing to help new businesses in their journey to success. 

Beyond providing new lessons, Jilea also debunks many of the myths or promises that can fill the head of new business owners. For example, when it comes to reaching out to different influencers to increase social media presence, one shouldn’t get obsessed with the number of followers from a person or company. Jilea says someone can have millions of followers but the key is to focus on the engagement, engagement per post, per click and more. 

What’s up next for Jilea? She shares her PR and marketing plans for her upcoming business Stretchy Haircare and how she plans to stop the tears of women one sensitive scalp at a time. How do you navigate business investors? How do you reach out to influencers on social media to promote your brand? Tune into this episode to hear more from Jilea and tips to starting and running a successful business. 

“And I just want all startups, anyone who’s growing their business, or looking to now go into that capitalization experience to understand that you have value” – Jilea Hemmings 

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Business marketing 
  • Social media marketing 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Networking 
  • Business investments

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