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66: Juergen Berkessel’s Tips for SEO and Podcasts

Do you find your podcasts from searching online or by word of mouth? Juergen Berkessel explains the common ways people discover podcasts. 

Lisa Buyer sat down with Juergen Berkessel, the Co-founder and creative director of PolyMash Design. Juergen is an expert on all things podcasting, digital strategy, and content marketing solutions. Tune in to hear Lisa and Juergen discuss optimization and podcasting. 

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Have you been binging all your favorite podcasts during quarantine? Maybe you’ve started your own podcast? Juergen talks about how to optimize your podcast. Learn why you should have an article with your audio, how to get your podcast on the first page of Google, and what platforms you should be using. 

In this segment, find out the must-know tips and tricks from Juergen and Lisa! 

“30% of the people out there search the internet, 20% find podcasts through recommendations from friends, 16% find it through social media posts” – Juergen Berkessel

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Podcasts and quarantine 
  • Search engine optimization for podcast 
  • Permalinks
  • Content relevance
  • Tips on optimization for podcasts
  • Indexable content
  • Content optimization 
  • Audio and video for podcasts 
  • Importance of links
  • SEO tools

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