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59: Hugh Rees on Mastering Instagram  

On Instagram, should you be putting your hashtags in the caption or the comment on your post? According to Hugh Rees, always include your hashtags in your Instagram caption! Find out why and more tips and tricks in this segment. 

Lisa Buyer sat down with the Co-Founder and Head of Digital at Expose Media, Hugh Rees. Expose Media is an eCommerce growth agency that helps brands scale their business. 

According to Hugh, the three main things we should focus on for Instagram are content, community, and hashtags. Hugh explains how to be successful with these three aspects and tools you can use to thrive. Find out why your Instagram stories should be like your own reality TV show. Hugh shares secret hacks to master your Instagram, personal, or business. 

Tune in to learn more about the dos and don’ts with Instagram, especially during today’s pandemic. 

The three main things that we need to focus on Instagram are content, community, and hashtags” – Hugh Rees

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Instagram aesthetic strategy, content pillars
  • Creating content for the audience you want to reach
  • What makes up an entrepreneurship’s mindset
  • How to choose the right Instagram manager for your brand
  • The debate on hashtags in captions vs. comments
  • Long vs. short captions 
  • Instagram and COVID-19
  • Importance of engagement and influencers 

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