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54: Rhonda Britten on Fearless Living and Public Relations

Do you ignore your fears? Rhonda Britten explains how fear is actually a vehicle for change.

Lisa Buyer sat down with best selling author, life coach, and speaker, Rhonda Britten. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world’s filled with fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Rhonda shares her expert advice on how to turn pain into gain and deal with these emotions. What is this pandemic doing to our fears? According to Rhonda, it is actually helping people become more in touch with their feelings.

During this interview, Rhonda shares her story about the worst day of her life and how she developed her own exercises to process her pain, ultimately leading her to her career. Lisa and Rhonda discuss her journey into becoming a life coach and how public relations affected her career. 

Throughout these times, Rhonda tells us to practice gratitude, do acknowledgments, and do her control and no control exercises. Check out Rhonda’s books to learn more about how to change your life and live fearlessly. 

“We are just moving our fears around, when in fact we really want to build a relationship with fear because that is how we will actually change how our brains work” – Rhonda Britten

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Fear as a vehicle for change
  • How fear works for you
  • Anxiety and control
  • Social media and confidence 
  • The worst day of Rhonda’s life
  • Becoming a life coach
  • Importance of public relations
  • Being on Oprah
  • Advice on fear and the pandemic
  • Center, grounded, and boundaries
  • Opportunities 

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