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53: Greg Jarboe on How to Leverage Video from a Public Relations Standpoint

During the COVID-19 pandemic, video is more important than ever. Do you feel more connected with companies after seeing videos from them? Find out how companies are leveraging video from a public relations standpoint. 

Lisa Buyer sat down with Youtube guru, Greg Jarboe. Greg is the President and co-founder of the award-winning content marketing agency, SEO-PR. With his video marketing expertise, Greg shares all of his tips and tricks for not only making videos but making sure they are seen and relevant. 

In this episode, Greg Jarboe explains how it’s important to carefully curate video content during these trying times. He advises companies to “do no harm” and make sure to review the messages they are delivering. Communication is key, especially during a crisis. Making a simple selfie-video, even if it only includes the bare minimum, is so important. Tune in to learn more about Greg’s video and public relations hacks.

“Adding a video does better than adding a photo, adding a photo is better than nothing at all” – Greg Jarboe

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Videos and the pandemic
  • Leveraging video from a public relations standpoint
  • Greg’s tips and tricks
  • Do no harm
  • Communication during a crisis
  • Help-content 
  • Paid versus organic
  • Press release and video

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