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46: Kendall Bird and Katy Katz on Persona Profiles

What is the difference between a target market and a persona? Kendall Bird and Katy Katz explain that a target market is a segment while a persona is when you take all of your data and turn it into a person. 

Lisa Buyer sat down with Kendall Bird and Katy Katz to talk about personas and why they matter. At the time of this interview, Kendall and Katy worked at Collegis Education. Nowadays, Kendall is currently the Social Media Manager at DKY, and Katy is the Director of Account Strategy at Marketing Refresh

Kendall and Katy discuss what exactly a persona is, how to create one, and what it should include. Learn what they say are the five things you need to know about personas.

To follow along with Kendall and Katy’s presentation on persona profiles click here

“A persona is really taking all of your data and turning it into a person that represents a chunk of your market” – Katy Katz

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • What is a persona profile
  • How to create a persona
  • Five things to remember about personas
  • Multiple personas
  • Promotions and Contests 
  • Dos and don’ts

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