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29: Melissa Fach’s Strategy to avoid Social Tragedy

If you’re going to run social media for a brand, what’s the most critical thing for you to know? According to Melissa Fach, it’s absolutely essential to find out the brand’s core values first!

In this blast from the past episode of the Social PR Secrets Podcast, Lisa Buyer sits down with social media expert Melissa Fach to get her advice on how to navigate public interaction as the face of a company via social platforms. If you’re looking to improve a brand’s image, or simply avoid tanking it, Melissa is the person you turn to. Melissa is a social savat. She handled the community for Moz, Pubcon and AuthorityLabs for years. She is now the US blog editor of SEMrush and the founder of SEO Aware, a consulting agency.

In this episode, Melissa and Lisa discuss the importance of promptness when interacting with your customers via social media, why customer service online is even more delicate than face-to-face interactions, why a brand’s values are so imperative to their social media success and tips to avoid making viral mishaps. Melissa reveals her tips for dealing with angry customers. How should you deal with trolls? How can you help the people lobbing criticism via furious tweets? Listen to this episode to learn Melissa’s guide to ensuring every customer walks away from an interaction feeling positive about your brand!

 “The big thing is if you answer the wrong way or offend the wrong person you can actually take down a company ” – Melissa Fach

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Why answering customers immediately is essential
  • Melissa’s position at Moz
  • The importance of a brand’s core values
  • Why there’s no longer room for excuses in customer service
  • How Melissa’s education in psychology helps her work
  • How to avoid Twitter catastrophes
  • Melissa’s tips for dealing with angry customers
  • Advice for those entering the social media field

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